• July 9th, 2020

Young T spits confession verses

 Paheja Siririka
WINDHOEK- Ongha’s finest Young T, who alleged that The Dogg (King Tee Dee) has bewitched him, spat some apology bars recently but only to those he has offended.

 Young T, in an Instagram post, apologised to the political world and those he has offended because of what he was going through. “I feel I was going through what I was experiencing because I was being spiritually controlled, I have proof of that,” said Young T.

 He informed Entertainment Now! he is not the type to seek attention, as many are insinuating. “What I went through is real and I am not the person to look for attention,” he said. Regarding the allegations he made to King Tee Dee, he said people think he made them up. 

 “I have shown the world how I thought me and the brother were tight. There’re a lot of things I did out of free will. I just had to let the people know of what was happening. At the end of the day people are going to believe what they want. So, what I did was just to put it out there,” said Young T.

 The ‘Efiku Onde li panda’ hitmaker said as a musician he has composed many songs praising his country, he shouldn’t have taken it in the negative direction. “I am just trying to say that wasn’t me and I am ready to take the blame and sorry to the people I have offended,

 He said he felt the need to let the people know about the danger that comes with the industry. “I am not a cry baby and don’t want people to feel pity for me but they should know how to react when they come across situations similar to mine,” stated Young T. 

 “Somebody tried to warn me but I flat out refused to hear them,” he said. Young T has attempted to warn some artists under the Mshasho Record label to be careful, including KP Illest and Kaboy Kamakili. 
With the confession of attempts to take his own life and in terms of mental wellness, Young T said he is fine. “I haven’t lost my mental state, I am concentrating on important things like my upcoming album and a single that I dropped Tuesday evening, ” he said.

 Based in Eenhana, Young T said the focus has shifted and he is paying attention to more important things, including artists under UGU Entertainment.

 King Tee Dee could not be reached for comment and Poiyah Media, which is in charge of his promotion and marketing gigs, preferred not to comment on that matter. However, Entertainment Now! saw a tweet from King Tee Dee saying: (“Midget live me alone, deal with your pain, dying career and misery, don’t drag my clean name into your things. My advice is please do happy songs or chill with happy positive people, hope you maintain lies, stop beefing everyone. Short man syndrome is real, you hardly take good advice anyways”.)

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