• April 22nd, 2019
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You’re fired, committee tells Hambukushu chief Mbambo

Front Page News
Front Page News

John Muyamba Rundu-A committee of members of the Hambukushu tribe has been established with the sole aim of forcing Hambukushu traditional leader Fumu (Chief) Erwin Munika Mbambo out of power, for an avalanche of alleged transgressions. The committee – chaired by former Swapo member of parliament in the National Assembly Elifas Dingara – says it has ‘dismissed’ Mbambo from his throne. Dingara, a former trade unionist, is a businessman in the area. It accuses the chief of having blocked development in the Hambukushu traditional area, among a host of accusations. The committee says Mbambo lacks the leadership acumen required by Hambukushu traditions, values and culture. “This letter serves to inform you that you have been removed from your position as Fumu of the Hambukushu community and your services at the Hambukushu Traditional Authority are terminated with immediate effect. The details and reasons for your dismissal are discussed in the detailed attached report,” stated the letter sent to Mbambo on December 24, 2017. “You are not allowed to do anything on behalf of the Hambukushu Traditional Authority or whatsoever, convene any meeting involving any headman or hold any meeting with any Mbukushu community members after you have received this letter,” the letter says. The committee said in a document attached to the dismissal letter that Mbambo does not consult when taking major decisions, yet there are consultation systems in place. They further claim that Mbambo ‘harasses’ business people by demanding from them heavy levies and unjustified payments. Mbambo – whose spokesperson scoffed at the claims – is also accused of running the traditional authority like a one-man show and of dismissing those with alternative opinions. “You went on further to differ with the first regional councillor of Mukwe Constituency, Basilius Dyakugha, on all government-proposed projects including the development of Divundu into a town. You have caused him to surrender and not to continue with the responsibility he was elected for,” the letter further says. The committee said that Divundu, which was one of the government’s first top priorities as per the town development master list of 1994, together with Outapi and Eenhana, remains underdeveloped due to the chief’s opposition to development. “You launched a dispute not to allow Divundu to develop into a town and you opted for Mukwe as preferred centre of development. You are still claiming that you did not sign for Divundu to become a town, knowing very well that you were consulted by the then Kavango Regional Council and you agreed to allow Divundu to be developed as a town,” the committee said in the statement attached to the letter sent to Fumu Mbambo. Hambukushu senior headman Erwin Disho confirmed that the traditional authority has received the committee’s letter, which it said would not be taken seriously until the right channel is used. He said that according to procedure, the letter should have been addressed to the traditional authority and not Mbambo directly. “We are currently organising a meeting with the committee – we will let you know the exact date that we will sit with them to discuss what is going on. This letter is coming from a small group and not many Hambukushu subjects,” Disho told New Era.
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2018-01-05 08:49:24 1 years ago

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