• August 7th, 2020

Youth conference to discuss sexual, reproductive health

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Pinehas Nakaziko WINDHOEK - The African Youth and Adolescent Network (AfriYAN) in Namibia will be hosting a youth conference to discuss sexual and reproductive health. It will take place in Swakopmund at The Dome from Friday to Sunday this week. Up to 120 youths across the country have been invited to support and strengthen youth involvement in the sexual and reproductive health in Namibia, with a focus on open and in-depth discussions of challenges, needs and necessary actions to improve the health perspectives of the younger generation. “The ultimate aim of the conference is to have a frank discussion about the real issues that young people are facing. On many occasions, decisions for young people are being made without their meaningful involvement,” says the president of AfriYAN, Ashwell Forbes. He adds that the conference is to create harmonising environments where young people will feel safe to speak openly and honestly about issues affecting them. “We need to understand that many young people come from different environments and different backgrounds and that differences are a good thing when we come together at the table and discus our challenges and find the solutions by us for us.” The conference will be hosted under the theme, Young People – Putting sexual reproductive health knowledge into Practice.  Forbes says they have also invited youths that are currently in schools and out of schools from the 14 regions in the country, to share experiences from these regions and allow interregional exchange, present and discuss recent developments of sexual reproductive health, allow for informal and free-flowing dialogue among the young people as well as raise awareness among the wider public and decision makers concerning young people’s sexual and reproductive health needs.
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