• June 5th, 2020

Youth Development Foundation gets off the ground

Youth Corner
Youth Corner

Tuulikki Abraham Lüderitz-Eight youth from here will spearhead the development of their fellows following the establishment of the Lüderitz Youth Development Foundation. The main purpose of this Foundation is to increase youth’s exposure to opportunities available locally, nationally and internationally by liaising with the various ministries and private institutions and prevailing upon to see the youth in a positive light. Chairperson of the Foundation, Aston Swartz, says it is a well-known fact that the youth are not motivated and lack exposure to vast opportunities available within the country. Over the years, the priorities of the youth have shifted enormously, specifically that of secondary school learners. It is thus necessary to curb this culture of irresponsibility and ignorance because 20 to 30 years from now the future of Lüderitz town will be in the hands of those who are in their youth now. Swartz further informs that there are various initiatives and programmes for youth development but access to information is either limited or not on youth friendly platforms or completely unknown. The committee will strive at creating opportunities for youth development and the enhancement of the awareness of existing opportunities. The initiative will not be limited and will cover various fields such as academic, sport, arts, leadership and career guidance. But this is purely on voluntary basis and no remuneration will be received by the committee for their efforts. “The current situation is scary and with no intervention from the youth ourselves, the predicament we are in will only escalate. This is our attempt in taking up our social responsibility and uplifting our community. We want to show that we the youth of Lüderitz are here, we exist, we are concerned and determined to make a difference in this town of ours,” says Swartz. The Foundation members are Aston Swartz (Chairperson), Klasen Neliwa (Vice Chairperson), Charlote Haufiku (Secretary), Kevin Shanyengange (Treasurer), Brownen Solomon, Sinead Swartz, Aliso Simon and Rashadi Amunjera.
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