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Zambezi MPs-elect raring to go

2020-12-03  Obrien Simasiku

Zambezi MPs-elect raring to go

Regional councillors in the Zambezi region yesterday elected Kabbe South constituency councillor John Likando, Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) councillor for Sibbinda Mumbali Lukaezi, and John Mukaya of Zambezi as the three leaders that will represent the region in the National Council. 

Katima Rural councillor Warden Simushi was unveiled as management committee chairperson, joined by Bernard Sisamu of Kabbe North as well councillor Judea Lyaboloma Humphrey Divai, who stood as an independent candidate in the just-ended regional council and local authority elections. 

Vistor Kabunga of Linyanti and Likukela Busihu will serve as ordinary members of the regional council. Swapo lost four of the eight constituencies in the region. In a brief interview, Sibbinda councillor Lukaezi said he has what it takes to lead.  
“This is an opportunity where I have to prove my capabilities to effect change and uplift the lives of the electorate who entrusted me to lead. I have varsity political and educational experience that I put into effect,” said Lukaezi, who joined IPC from Swapo in August. Lukaezi is IPC’s regional executive and spokesperson. 

He said he will address issues such as the lack of access to potable water, as well as youth unemployment. In addition, he said, he will work closely with all councillors regardless of their affiliation, citing he was voted to serve the people and not indulge in political fights that end up stalling development. 
“I am regional and national leader that will have to stand up for the well-being of all people. My electorates have made the right choice,” assured Lukaezi. 

Meanwhile, re-elected Swapo councillor Likando said his objective is to push and deliver development and services to the community, while putting aside political differences. 

“We are not threatened because these are not really politically aligned and influenced. They are also at risk as their winning is based on aspirations of the masses. So I hope they never over promised in terms of delivery and accountability. The only common challenge we have is the economic downturn that is exacerbated by Covid-19 of which the economic growth might be slower,” stressed Likando. 

“This is, however, a lesson to the ruling party as we have to strive and return the trust in people that is fading away. Mostly, our defeat is in the rural areas; hence, we will work hard to retain and regain the trust by developing more.”

2020-12-03  Obrien Simasiku

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