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Zooming in on Ethnix

2021-08-06  Paheja Siririka

Zooming in on Ethnix

Formidable Namibian duo Etnix has graced many stages, singing their hearts out and grabbing the undivided attention of many music lovers in and beyond the country. 

With almost a decade of being together, Page and Etjo are more than just a music group.

Julius Marco Hamwele (28), mononymously known as Page, and 27-year-old songstress Etjo, real name Katjivari Kangumine, burst onto the music scene in 2014 with a collaboration with local visual artists and musician Hishishi Papa with their ballad ‘Lambela’.

The name Ethnix is derived from ethnic/ethnicity, which is the state of belonging to a social group that has a common cultural tradition, and this speaks true of the duo who do not see themselves as just partners, but more as family.

Etjo told VIBEZ! they have grown tremendously, and understand each other better now compared to back then. 

“We have mastered the critical art of how to decide on business deals and select them ourselves. In terms of content we have been putting out there, we started very traditional and are now becoming more mainstream, because we need to get the music out there,” she explained.

“We have completely different characters and that’s what brings us together but to recordings, Page is mostly late,” quipped Etjo. Looking at the pair, Page has more insane ideas which sometimes tend to annoy Etjo, who is a perfectionist and loves attention to detail. 

“I talk a lot; Page doesn’t really talk that much and when it comes to writing, I am more of a free-stylist. I am more of an emotional person compared to him. I need emotions, so if I am

numb then the song is going to be boring,” stated Etjo, adding that Page is a songwriter but in the studio, they contribute equally.

The angelic-voiced songstress, who is a business developer/ business marketing assistant, further said with their other responsibilities – as the working class – they have managed to evolve since entering the industry.

“The journey has been difficult. After being in the industry for almost eight years, we are only getting recognition over the past two years. It has been crazy, but we have evolved and grown. Lyrically, Page has become a genius. Sometimes I would listen to his work and be like wow. It’s amazing,” said Etjo with a wide smile.

Ethnix dropped two singles this year; the first one on 13 March and the second one on 12 May. Both songs have videos out on YouTube. ‘Ohole so nice’ has over 300 000 views on YouTube while ‘Open Up’ raked in 500 000 views within a period of two months.

Their other songs include ‘Ponomate’, ‘Composure’, ‘I am sorry’, and ‘Omutima’. 

“‘The Made in Namibia’ album was one of the best albums in the country that got us four Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) nominations, and we won best RnB with the song ‘Composure’. We also headlined a show with Blaq Diamond,” detailed Page.

Having their recent nomination to the Russian Bear South Africa ultimate collaboration competition, the duo is flying the Namibian flag even higher.

They made it to the Top nine finalist squad and Top three in the Music collaboration category.

The duo will go head-to-head against South African artists Asah M and Ndjabulo-RSA to scoop a creative collaboration with the Russian Bear brand ambassadors, Nadia Nakai and Blaq Diamond, or win a cash prize of R250 000.

In the meantime, they are busy working on a new album and more music videos expected to drop before the end of the year.


2021-08-06  Paheja Siririka

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