• July 13th, 2020

Zulu Boy initiates skills and development fund project

Aletta Shikololo

WINDHOEK— Namibian artist and entrepreneur Pinehas Shikulo known by his stage name, Zulu Boy initiated a skill and development fund project aimed at teaching and producing arts in communities to help people make a living out of it.

The visual artist who made a mark in the business and entertainment industry with his brand Gweri Vintage Collection said unemployment is a major concern in the country which is why he initiated the project for skilful Namibians. 

Giving statistics, Shikulo said “ The Central Bureau of Statistics in Namibia states that the unemployment rate in Namibia decreased to 33.40 percent in 2018 from 34 percent in 2016. Unemployment rate in Namibia averaged 27.94 percent from 1997 until 2018, reaching an all-time high of 37.60 percent in 2008 and a record low of 19.50 percent in 1997.”
With the unemployment rate rising on a daily basis, this is what brought the Gweri king to look for funds to help communities.
Observing that skills are one of the fastest ways of bringing bread on the table, Shikulo decided to reach out to different communities to find out skilful people that are unable to help themselves. 

“I decided to look for individuals that have skills in any art forms. Once I gather them, I will do a documentary on their stories,” added Shikulo who is also part of the Music group, Ama Daz Floor. 

He said that he intends to get art materials and equipment so he can start doing artworks by documenting people and sell the artworks to government, private institutions and individuals. 

When asked how he is going to use the funds from artworks, he said he will use it to help the artists and their families. 
“The value of the artwork will be divided in a way that it will bring in a monthly payment which will help the artists and family,” he further explained.

Talking to Entertainment Now! the business enthusiast who just graduated from the University of Namibia in visual art said, it’s of utmost importance for people with major influence in the country to find ways on how they can help the less fortunate people.
“As an artist and business person, I know how it feels to be a beginner, to just sit home with your skills because there’s no one to assist you with funds to make the best out of your skills,” he stated. 

He is calling upon all business people, artists and individuals to assist where they can, to fund the project. 
The project is believed to kick-off when he gets enough funds to buy art materials and he is mostly targeting to help skilful people from informal settlements who try hard to make ends meet. 

Those who are interested in contributing to this worthy cause can simply visit www.thundafund.com/project to find out more information.

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