Russian pilot accused of rape ‘too ill’ for court hearing

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Eveline de Klerk

Walvis Bay-Drama unfolded in the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court yesterday when 56-year-old Russian national Alexander Krylov made his first court appearance in connection with multiple charges of statutory rape and human trafficking.

Magistrate John Sindano had to abruptly stop court proceedings and directed that Krylov immediately seek medical attention after he appeared to suffer a panic attack.

Police officers were summoned to carry Krylov out, holding him up by the arms, as he seemed barely able to stand upright, or walk by himself. He was then escorted to the parked police van outside, which took him to hospital.
Krylov was arrested on Wednesday at Walvis Bay, almost a month after a case was lodged against him for allegedly engaging in sexual activities with five girls, who are under the age of consent.

Krylov, a marine pilot at Namibia’s port authority, NamPort, is alleged to have engaged in sexual activities with five girls, aged between 15 and 16 years over a 16-month period. He is charged with rape, enticing of a minor, immoral practices and of human trafficking. Some of the girls are in school.

Krylov appeared healthy when he first entered the courtroom and was seen consulting with his lawyer. However, immediately after Public Prosecutor Theresia Hafeni read out the charges, and the magistrate resumed the business of the court, Krylov started appearing physically sick.

“I simply cannot read him his rights, as he is clearly not in a healthy state. I suggest that he is taken immediately to hospital for medical attention and brought back to court to continue,” Sindano said, stopping the proceedings.

With no medical transport available, the slender built Krylov, who could not walk by himself, was assisted by police officers to the parked police van.

Krylov’s alleged sexual crimes came to light in September after a parent of one of the minors noticed that her daughter goes missing for several days at a time without a valid explanation. The girl later confessed that Krylov picked them up at Kuisebmond and took them to his flat in town, where the alleged sexual crimes took place.

Detective Inspector Daniel Gurirab had earlier said Krylov is alleged to have engaged in, and have demanded, lewd sexual acts from the girls. It is not clear whether there was any cash exchanged between Krylov and the girls. Krylov was also arrested in 2008 for kidnapping four minor girls that were playing in a street in Kuisebmond. He was alleged to have driven with the girls to a nearby service station, where he was seen buying them sweets.
However, swift action from vigilant residents, who spotted him on several occasions with young girls, tipped off the police, who then followed his vehicle and arrested him.

He was granted bail of N$1,000 at the time, but the case against him was later withdrawn. Krylov also had an assault case withdrawn in 2009 by a woman alleged to be the victim in that instance.