Thousands throng Geingob rally

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ONYAANYA – Thousands of people turned out for the consultative meeting addressed by Swapo presidential canditate Dr Hage Geingob at the Swapo district office in Onyaanya yesterday.

What was initially intended to be a consultative meeting with business and traditional leaders for Geingob in the Oshikoto Region turned into a massive rally as thousands of supporters rallied behind the popular Swapo Party presidential candidate.

The masses could not contain their excitement as different speakers at the occasion dressed in Swapo colours vowed to back Geingob in the presidential poll in November.

Speaking at the event, Geingob urged teachers to take ownership of their classrooms, adding that teachers are to blame for the ill discipline in schools. Geingob made the remarks while fielding questions regarding ill discipline and delinquency among learners across the country.

“Lack of discipline is your fault, you must take ownership of your classrooms,” said Geingob.

The Prime Minister said it is equally important for parents to play a role in disciplining their children, and encouraged parents to guard over their children’s behaviour, stressing that charity and discipline begin at home.

“Discipline the children. If they are underage they are under you,” said Geingob.

Moreover Geingob encouraged parents to get their children involved in church activities as a measure to root out bad behaviour.

“Take the children for Sunday school. These days when you go to church you will only find young girls, the boys are not there,” said Geingob.

Geingob said the freedom and democracy that Namibia enjoys today was achieved through hardship, hence it should not be misunderstood nor used as a tool to promote poor behaviour.

In the same breath Geingob advised both teachers and parents to inculcate a spirit of communication with children.

“Communication works with schoolchildren, discuss things with the children, ask them why are you doing that,” advised Geingob – a qualified teacher among other academic achievements.

Geingob who throughout the week at the different consultative meetings in the north hailed what the Swapo government has done since independence, said there is still much to be desired in the social architecture.

Geingob said Namibia is still haunted by people going to bed hungry and children being taught under trees in a rich country.

He said that once he is elected into power one of his primary goals would be to address the dilemmas of children being taught under trees, and poor sanitation and clinics, among other things.

He urged Swapo supporters to assist him identify the schools and clinics which need attention.

“When you elect me, identify schools where children are taught under trees, or where there are dysfunctional clinics and poor sanitation. These are the things we will start with,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of other business persons, Banda Shilimela of Shilimela Security Companies said the business people in Oshikoto Region have vowed to vote for Geingob as the country’s next president.

Shilimela applauded the government for the conducive environment it has created for businesses. Shilimela however urged the government to look into capacity building training for business people to enable them to become the big frontrunners in wealth creation.

Shilimela also urged the business community to stop crying crocodile tears over Chinese businesses that have mushroomed in the country.

“If you cannot beat them, join them. Maybe it’s time we stop selling crates of beer and start selling what the Chinese are selling,” remarked Shilimela.

Yesterday’s consultative meeting was the third and last in the north after the ones held in Omusati and Oshana regions on Tuesday.

By Nuusita Ashipalahage-2