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Alleged child killer pleads not guilty

2024-02-09  Eveline de Klerk

Alleged child killer pleads not guilty

WALVIS BAY - Walvis Bay resident Riddick Ricky Narib, pleaded not guilty to all three charges he is facing for allegedly murdering his estranged wife’s son Wilfred Dantani Eiseb, from a previous relationship.

Narib, who appeared last week in the Walvis Bay Magistrate’s Court, is facing three charges, being murder, obstructing the course of justice and kidnapping. 

He has been in police custody since January last year, and was applying for bail last Wednesday. 

Prosecutor Annakletta Kandjimi stated that Narib allegedly kidnapped the minor, and killed him by hitting him with a brick on his head. 

“The accused deprived [the] minor of his liberty of parental control. The accused also buried the minor in a shallow grave so that his body could not be found, thereby facing a charge of defeating the course of justice,” the prosecutor stated. When asked how he is pleading, Narib entered a not guilty plea on all three charges.

The case was then referred for the prosecutor general’s decision, and postponed to 30 April.  

The PG now has to decide in which court Narib’s case will be heard.

Meanwhile, the police report issued after the incident stated that Narib allegedly buried his stepson in a shallow grave in the dunes
near the ‘Welcome to Walvis Bay’ sign. 

The remains were discovered
by a community member, who promptly alerted the police after the incident. Family members found Narib, who allegedly attempted suicide, and handed him over to the authorities.

During the alleged murder,
police stated that Narib found his stepson in the company of other children buying sweets at a tuckshop in Tutaleni near their residence. 

He allegedly lured the victim, who was seen walking with him, to the dunes. The children later informed the victim’s aunt, who was responsible for his care, while his mother sought assistance from the police due to alleged stalking by her husband, Narib.

2024-02-09  Eveline de Klerk

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