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Agra Weaner Championship unearths potential

2023-09-26  Otniel Hembapu

Agra Weaner Championship unearths potential

The 2023 edition of the renowned Agra Weaner Championship Series once again proved to be a huge success, as it saw young and veteran farmers all being recognised and rewarded for their hard work, dedication and contribution to the local sector. 

The final leg of the 2023 series, which started in July and saw a total of 18 auctions taking place across the country, was recently held at Helmeringhausen in the southern part of the country and attracted a good number of farmers.

Amongst the many winners of the series, veteran farmer Wilfried Itzko walked away with top honours in the Veld Finishing Potential division and also emerged as the winner of the Most Weaners Sold category during the Helmeringhausen event. 

Another southern-based farmer Jorg Gaugler also won two categories, scooping both the Heifers Potential and Feedlot Potential classes to cap off what was generally a successful instalment of the series, where farmers shared knowledge and various farming techniques.

Spanning from Grootfontein all the way to the south of the country, the annual Agra Weaner Championship Series serves as an important platform for producers to showcase their exceptional work and as a significant cashflow stimulus for numerous cattle farmers. 

The event also incentivises excellence in weaner quality. By participating in this prestigious series, producers have the opportunity to gauge and compare their production standards and management practices with their peers on a national level.

The judging criteria have been standardised to ensure fairness and eliminate biases. Animals compete in one of three competition categories: namely the Feedlot Potential (tollies), Field Potential (tollies) and Breeding Potential (heifers).

In addition to honouring the top performers in each category, the series also recognises the contributions of buyers. Prizes are awarded for the highest amount spent during the series, as well as the largest total number of animals purchased throughout the auctions.

To ensure that the series embodies inclusivity, additional four auctions in the communal areas of Aminuis, Okondjatu, Talismanus, and Okakarara are also held with the aim of giving communal farmers an opportunity to showcase their animals and compare notes with their commercial counterparts. 

2023-09-26  Otniel Hembapu

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