• June 19th, 2019
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Comedy for charity

WINDHOEK – Namibian comedian, brand influencer, entrepreneur and the Gweri Vintage collection founder, Zuluboy, real name Pinehas Shikulo, hosted a comedy show for charity in the community.


Zuluboy introduces Gwine

WINDHOEK - After establishing himself in the arts industry with multiple abilities, Pinehas Megameno Shikulo, popularly known as Zuluboy, has once again tapped into another market - the making and


Anything but Namibian nuh? 

Namibia is just another province of South Africa. We worship everything from South Africa. We worship their politics. We worship their sport. We worship their entertainment industry. We worship their linguistics. Everything from South Africa is golden to us. Yeah, I said it! Catch all you want! 


Comedy with EVH in the building

WINDHOEK - She cracks you up with her 8 o’clock news on social media. But who is this social media news anchor that plans to take NBC’s Fran Thomas’ job as some Facebook and Twitter comments have stated? The originator of the alter ego is Xuro Milton. 


Diamond Monica, a property mogul in the making

WINDHOEK - Since bursting onto the music scene with her sexy music videos in 2007, Monica ‘Diamond’ Shafooli has in recent years concentrated on building her property portfolio. The last time the dancehall queen dropped visuals was in 2016 titled ‘Chekange’ featuring Kamby, which garnered over 63 000 views.

Industry Loop: Staying with fashion...

What does the Namibian fashion industry need to do to make it onto the shelves of multinational brands like Jet, Edgars, etc.? It’s no secret that the majority of these clothing multinationals from South Africa are doing nothing meaningful for the ordinary Namibian except make millions per branch and ship it down south.


NBC Saturday Breakfast Show ‘a hit’

WINDHOEK – The new television show airing on Namibian Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), ‘The Saturday Breakfast Show’ has turned out to be the people’s favourite show based on feedback from viewers on all social media platforms, according to the producers. 


Former Miss Namibia passionate about acting

WINDHOEK - Former Miss Namibia, Odile Gertze, is without a doubt the most talented actress Namibia has, having appeared in six theatre plays and over five movies, including a cameo in ‘The Mummy’, a 2017 American action-adventure horror film directed by Alex Kurtzman starring Tom Cruise.


Industry Loop: Ode to fashion

I love what is happening with fashion in Namibia. Fashion has found a new lease of life. Everybody is conscious of what they wear. Everybody is fashion driven. Everybody is starting to appreciate fashion. 


DJ Castro dominates BOB Party

WINDHOEK- Otjiwarongo-based DJ Castro aka The Whistle DJ knows how to pull off a stellar performance and he didn’t disappoint one bit at the BOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) Party hosted by the KFC DJs which took place at the Zoo Park Amphitheatre on Saturday. 


What does Mother’s Day mean to you?

WINDHOEK- The connotation of motherhood is practically limitless. As Namibia and the world gear up to celebrate Mother's Day this Sunday, Entertainment Now! spoke to familiar personalities in the entertainment industry on what Mothers’ day means to them and how they plan on celebrating it.


Arts fair invites entries

WINDHOEK - The organisers of the Namibian Arts Fair are inviting artists and musicians from across the continent to take part in this year’s fair slated for September at the Goethe-Institut of Namibia. 


‘Waka Waka Moo’ flying high overseas

WINDHOEK – Namibian model and entrepreneur, Luis Munana’s ‘Waka Waka Moo’ children television show is airing in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and other African countries would follow suit, as the second season is set to air soon.

KFC DJs plan bottle bash at Zoo Park

WINDHOEK - The popular KFC DJs, comprising of DJ Kadafi, DJ SlickFisha and DJ Chin-Chila are hosting the 1st edition of the 5TH BOB (Bring Your Own Bottle) Show for the year at the Zoo Park Amphitheatre tomorrow, starting from 12h00 till late.  There is a line-up consisting of more than 20 local acts, which they collectively did. 


Kapana In Town at your doorstep

WINDHOEK - Walking towards the different food stalls at the Wernhil Shopping Mall taxi rank, something different is noticeable about one stall. Once closer, the smell of one of the best delicacies in Namibia becomes obvious at stall


Sally ‘Boss Madam’ redefining music 

WINDHOEK – While some artistes rush to release their albums just in time to meet the deadline for the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) each year, Sally Boss Madam drops a single or two to keep her fans happy and in the loop with her newest sounds. 


Exit stirs ‘beef’ to revive music career

WINDHOEK- With one of the Facebook posts saying, “Ni**az be actin like somebody gon’ die or somethin’ Weedhu!! I had to shake you up a bit...these are the only moves that will basically elevate the game cause it pushes everyone and raises the artistic bar meaning better music Otampanikifwa ko ka chii kokuMtata shili...Se iina tu tila...Hambaa, ” he posted. 


Sigera’s CK trades in mighty pen for guitar

WINDHOEK - Sigera Jazz Band’s ability to perform live music is impeccable and captivating. According to veteran sports journalist and guitarist Carlos Kambaekwa, also known as CK, who happens to be one of the members of the band, “Sigera” is a Khoekhoegowab name which means “we are coming”. 


SK Khoza to party with Namibians

WINDHOEK - Sthembiso ‘SK’ Khoza, a South African television presenter and actor best known for hosting shows such as Mzanzi Ridez and Goal Diggerz, and who also acted as Shaka in The Queen, will be partying with Namibians on May 4 at Cappello. 

Industry Loop: An injury to one is an injury to all!

The whole King Tee Dee/Diamond Platnumz situation that unfolded this week had me in my feels. I don’t know what makes me more mad…the fact that Diamond Platnumz broke an unwritten rule, the fact that black Twitter chose to poke fun at King Tee Dee or the fact that King Tee Dee’s PR team failed to do damage control. 


D-Naff elevates Namibian gospel

WINDHOEK – Although house, hip-hop and kwaito music predominate the Namibian music industry, gospel sensation D-Naff (real name Naftalie Shigwedha Amukwelele) has kept the genre on another level in terms of deliverance and keeping it in the mainstream.


Anna Mushimba, the paper flower girl

WINDHOEK - Are you having an event that requires flowers? Is there ever an event where flowers are not needed? Anna Mushimba has opened By Invite, a baby company that has been in the flower-making industry for over two years. It is a paper flower-making business. 


Princes in league of her own

WINDHOEK- Award-winning local model, Princes Tjozongoro (or just Princes), continues to make her mark in the local and international modelling circles, and she is ready to conquer the world with her talent. 

Industry Loop: Utilise real time images!

A factor that helps me with my decision-making process on whether I am going to eat at your joint or not is the images used to brand your food in and around your restaurant. Sounds ridiculously frivolous but that’s my determining factor. I hate it when restaurants and take away joints use images from the internet for their store branding. It’s a huge turn off. 


The fine lines of Modise linocut art

SWAKOPMUND - Professional artist, Kabelo Modise, is hot off a solo Independence Celebration exhibition held at farm Shalom in the Swakop River Valley, where he displayed over 30 pieces of his intricate linocut works - a distinctive style which earned him acclaim as one of Namibia’s most influential and talented artists


Surviving as female music producers in Namibia

WINDHOEK - With music being universal, one would expect women to be in the industry not only as singers but also as producers. Getting hold of them is difficult because it is either they are upcoming like Afroberries’ DJ Alba or they not based in the country like Gina Jeanz. 


Leaving Neverland documentary airs on DStv

WINDHOEK – The much-debated two-part documentary titled Leaving Neverland is a global hot topic at the moment, and DStv customers across Africa had a taste of the documentary over the weekend. The documentary is said to have taken the world by storm. 


Medley of muso live at jam session

Whilst week-end revellers in the capital were celebrating St Patrick’s Day, all dressed up in green and singing “when Irish eyes are smiling”, there was a jam session of a different kind going on across town, in celebration of music.


Kajuh signs under Numba Busy

Matheus Silas Ndemutala, AKA Kajuh, has signed under Numba Busy Entertainment Record Label, established in 2015, and that since has been going through management and ownership transition beginning of 2018. 

The footprints of Bob Marley

The footprints of Bob Marley appear on the sand in Jamaica and across the earth wherever freedom is held hostage.  Likened to Martin Luther King, Jr., Marley desired peace for his people, and for all humanity.


M-Net to document King Tee Dee life

Kwaito act Martin Morocky formerly known as The Dogg, and now King Tee Dee says his life as an artist, businessperson and a family man will feature on M-Net production this year, with more information to be announced at a later stage. 


Has comics any ethical limits?

WINDHOEK- South African comedian Trevor Noah became a topic of discussion because of  his presumed insensitive joke about the Indian-Pakistani war, which he said would be entertaining, adding   “it would also be the longest war of all time - another dance number”. 


An album for independence anniversary

WINDHOEK-Female vocalist, Maria Immanuel popularly known as ML, who has been making waves over the past years in the music industry, reveals this week that she is releasing an Independence Day album to drop on the Independence Day, March 21.  

Hymn Awards to launch

ONGWEDIVA-Beyond Horizon Investment to launch the first edition of the Hymn Awards, expected to run from May 10-11 this year at Ongwediva Trade Fair Centre, with an array of choirs from across the country expected to compete.


Artists can become entrepreneurs - Kaputu

LÜDERITZ- The National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Snobia Kaputu, is confident Namibian visual artists if provided with conducive platforms to create and showcase their art, can become progressive artists and great art entrepreneurs.


Valentine’s Day keeps romance alive

Now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, florists, gift shops and restaurants around the country have once again cashed in on this romantic celebration held each year on February 14, playing their part to fuel Cupid’s arrow all in the name of love.


New local singles making waves

WINDHOEK-The local music industry is changing for better as artists begun to make music that are making waves, especially those newest singles that are sizzling and burning up the airwaves released recently. 


Tuku tribute show  leaves  fans tranced

WINDHOEK-Have you ever been at an event and immediately get carried into another dimension, to a totally different world? That’s the vibe one could feel at the tribute concert for late Zimbabwean but international artist, Oliver Mtukudzi, famously known as ‘’Tuku’’ last Friday at the Warehouse Theatre in Windhoek. 


A Valentine’s treat at the cinema

Namibian moviemakers are getting better as far as creating movies is concerned. Treat your Valentine to a trailer of a locally produced movie titled Hairareb along the highly anticipated Will Packer’s produced What Men Want at Ster Kinekor at the Grove Mall tonight. 


Depression knows no bounds

WINDHOEK-She is a songwriter, a songstress with a soulful rich voice and multi-winning award vocalist. She hails all the way from Oshikuku. She released her debut album, Bulletproof  in 2015. She goes by the name of Anne Singer. 

Trio to bring out collabo album

WINDHOEK-A trio of talented young multi-genre singers of Bravo-B, James 10 and Y-Boy, who founded the Brave Gang music label in 2017, are doing well, and currently taking the music industry by storm with their music. 


Local tributes abound for musician Dan Tshanda

WINDHOEK- It is obvious that the late South African township music disco king, Dan Tshanda, has secured quite a following in Namibia. This was quite clear when a small but significant crowd of his fans gathered to pay tribute to him at the Tura Zone Car Wash in Katutura on Friday. 


Okakarara bids Dan Tshanda farewell

WINDHOEK-Remembering the legacy of the late South African musician,  Dan Tshanda, who passed away on January 5 to heart failure, Okakarara residents are having  a Farwell Bash for the late Disco music legend, at Tate Sammy’s Beer House No. 2 today.


Child model and actress Rose Bimpe is in a whole mood in 2019

Windhoek - Four-year-old Namibian child model and kid actress Rose Bimpe says while 2018 has been a challenging year as she struggled to book good gigs or appear in international movies as she planned, she said she is grateful that she used the year consistently contacting film producers and children production houses in South Africa, London, Ghana, Nigeria and the United States (US).


Industry Loop: Time to work!

If your friend is an entertainer, I need you to understand a few things. First things first, festive season is peak season for your entertainer friend. You need to understand that an entertainer’s working hours and demands are largely different from the ordinary hibba. 


A year of hustling for Ilke

Renowned television radio personality, Ilke Platt, has more than 15 years of experience in the corporate media industry. Platt has established her very own PR company, Poiyah Media, that striving to not only boost image/brand, but most importantly reputation of entrepreneurs on a professional level.

What a blessing 2018 for Esperance

Spoken Word artist Esperance Luvindao is a gifted poetess. Many may know her from the Namibia Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) stage but Esperance writes poetry to speak about death, rape and depression in contemporary environment.


Local filmmaker to attend 2019 Berlinale

Moses Shivakola-Mberira, founding member and regional film development executive of the Filmmakers Association of Namibia (FAM), will participate in an information tour to Germany within the framework of the 69th Berlin International Film Festival. 


Lüderitz hospitalities ready for holidaymakers

LÜDERITZ - Different BnBs, restaurants and hotels here are ready up for the festive season with decanted menus reminding residents and visitors alike of the beauty of the town’s deliciously well-prepared meals. Hear it from the horses’ mouths – as some restaurant and hotel owners share what they are offering this festive season. 

Industry Loop: Dummy guide to a media launch!

Namibian entertainers are starting to consider public relations a serious exercise. As an industry insider, I can only be happy about the latest trend of media launches and listening parties. Though still not sure whether it is artists themselves who initiate this or their management teams. But regardless it’s great for the development of the industry. 


Miss Okalongo goes big

The annual Miss Okalongo and Trade Expo scheduled for December 20 – 22 promises bigger and exciting things this year. The event, now its sixth edition, is purely aimed at growing the town and attracting potential business investments to the town of Okalongo, situated in Oshikuku Constituency in the Omusati Region.  


Selma Kamanya heads for Miss Universe

WINDHOEK – Miss Namibia, Selma Kamanya (22) last Thursday landed in Bangkok, Thailand, where contestants are getting to know each other during the first week of arrival ahead of the Miss Universe beauty pageant scheduled for December 16. Upon her departure, Kamanya in her briefing revealed her national costume of Miss Universe 2018, depicting an inspiration of building a diamond generation.

Industry Loop: House in Namibia!

Music is beautiful and it is no different with house. Regardless of how beautiful the house genre is, I still cannot listen to it all night in the club or at an event. In fact, I cannot listen to a singular genre all night. I am a Namibian. This means I am a multi-cultured entertainer and follower of music. However, that is not the point that I am trying to bring across today. I actually want to commend the music that is coming out of Namibian studios in terms of house. 


J-Tears launches album at full house Damara Punch bash

Eleven Damara Punch artists including Damara Punch music princess Ousie Bulan, Audrey, Lazzlam, Lanny Boy, Imelda, !Garibasen,Imelda, Eddies and Namibian Music Awards winner (Nama) Damara Dik Ding (Damalokieboy) are amongst artists to perform at the Immanuel Ruiters Hall in Walvis Bay tonight during J-Tears, /Uniga //Oas (Last Kiss) first album launch. 


Time for Miss High School North

WINDHOEK – Preparations for the popular and highly anticipated Miss High School North are in full gear. The grand finale of the beauty pageant has been scheduled for December 19 at Ekamuti Lodge in Ondangwa. Now in its sixth edition, the pageant this year is hosted under the theme, Self-love is a result of self-acceptance. Ten finalists from


Industry Loop: The want syndrome!

Namibian musicians need to understand that radio presenters and journalists have bosses they report to. Every media house has procedures that are designed to measure and monitor work done by radio presenters and journalists.


Eish! what a December?

Stamping her mark on the local disc-jockey industry, Rosalia David, aka Dj Roxy, and one of the best female Djs in the country, is teaming up with various local artists to release a smash hit for December. 

Industry Loop: Graveyard shifts!

I don’t understand why we do not have a big graveyard shift culture in Namibia. Graveyard shift is the general term coined for any time slot after midnight and before 6am on radio. Correct me if I am wrong but no one is currently on the graveyard shift in Namibia. You’re welcome to tweet your correction to me. 


Dense’s first album out

Upcoming gifted kwaito artist, Dense Mashaba, has released his first ever debut album titled Oshikulumbwati, translating into Boldness, which speaks of his life’s struggles and challenges to become what he is today. 

Industry Loop: Advertising agencies!

Last week I gave credit to radio in Namibia for bringing sustainable initiatives to the listener. It’s almost festive season and I think I should continue with the good vibes. This week I almost felt compelled to highlight an incredibly key stakeholder to the entertainment industry…advertising agencies! 


Local musos jazzed it up

Performing his much celebrate rumba-feel song, Butterflies, with his band, Elemotho brought a message of healing and growth, dedicated to those suffering in one way or the other so that through the song they can heal and move on. 

Industry Loop: Kudos Radio Namibia!

Salute be to all radio stations that have genuine sustainable initiatives aimed at having a positively impact on their listeners. I have been listening to radio with a keen interest for the last three months and all I see is a Namibian radio trying to better the life of the ordinary Namibian.


Local acts out to jazz

A Jazzy mood is all over the capital in anticipation of one of the Mecca musical events of the year in Namibia, the Windhoek Jazz Festival tomorrow at the Independence Stadium in Olympia.


Drumming the beat alive

There are few musicians around, who can boast an active music career spanning well over four decades while playing in more bands than one can dream off - and drummer Hartmut Wenk is one of them. 


Time to tango with Jossie

It is only a matter of hours to tango with part time musician, Jossie Kauandenge, who is marking his 44th birthday anniversary with music bash at the Khomasdal Stadium tomorrow. 

Kirchdorfer once again to rock Oktoberfest

WINDHOEK - As the countdown start towards the beginning of the popular Oktoberfest, October 26 and 27, one of the highlights of the entertainment menu is the original Oktoberfest band, the Kirchdorfer, all the way from Munich, Germany as the official band at the event.

Industry Loop: The game is changing!

Isn’t it amazing how the wheels have turned on the old guard in the entertainment industry? Take nothing away from the OGs; they have our childhood memories embedded. We will forever be grateful for the beautiful times where we use to beg them for autographs and hang onto their every word. 


DeeJay set to drop “Champion” album

Hip-Hop song writer and singer, DeeJay, is ready to release his much awaited Champion album end of next month. DeeJay, who has been in the music business for over a decay, couldn’t hide his excitement revealing the news saying the 13 Track album is already complete and ready for music outlets’ shelves by November 30th. Champion album will be his first music project under his new label, Deal Done Records (DDR), owned by Djokic Dragan, popularly known as Antonio, of Antonio’s Art who is also responsible for his management and sponsorship agreements. 


Ann back with new single

Live performer and award-winning songstress, Ann Singer has released her new hit single titled Mom’tima Wange (In my Heart), ahead of her much anticipated second album to be released next month.  


Spotting that “mad” hat

Expecting the unexpected is always guaranteed at the Village Cafe in Swakopmund, whose regular fun-filled celebrations every month becomes the talk of the town, as staff members dress up in themes beyond any wildest imagination. 


A Lexus for a “boss” diva

The vivacious singer, Sally Boss Madam, the Annual Namibian Music Awards (NAMAs) Best Female Artist of the Year, has elevated her “diva” status to another level, after being exclusively chauffeured around to her gigs in a luxury Lexus.

Industry Loop: No to  COVERS! 

I am not comfortable with established artists doing covers or skits on international songs. It just does not make any sense. I have seen repeatedly how some Namibian artists upload covers of international songs to their channels on YouTube. As if, you are crying out to be discovered. When and if you are discovered, let it be for your original songs. Not because of some cover you did.


Kaselly Designs ready for local fashion world

Although breaking into the fashion industry is extremely difficult, especially for young and inexperienced designers, the 22-year-old self-taught designer and fashionista, Selma Shapwa, known as Kaselly, is ready and eager to tackle the industry with her new collections. 

Roof of Africa to launch its craft beers

They say October is the most beautiful month, “Oktober maand die mooi mooiste maand” as the saying in Afrikaans goes. However, spring is not the only thing heralded by the month of October. You may not know, but in Windhoek in the month of October, 20 years ago, Roof of Africa Hotel came into being. Thus, the scene for its 20th anniversary is set, where it will be celebrated in style at its premises in Nelson Mandela Drive in Klein Windhoek. 


Lize Ehlers wins big at SYM Awards

WINDHOEK - To be recognised for outstanding achievement is one of the peak of any personality’s inspiration, and the second edition of the Simply You Magazine (SYM) held over the weekend saw up to 18 people walking away with big prizes. 


Capital sees music extravaganza

An entertainment spectacular awaits city dwellers tomorrow at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Centre (FNCC) when local artists take to the stage in a live performance during the City Dance Music Show. The event is initiated by the Laik

Homage for late Bra Hugh

WINDHOEK – Namibian jazz lovers are in for a nostalgic musical treat when local jazz sensation and saxophonist, Suzy Eises, pays homage to late South African jazz legend and human rights activist Hugh Masekela, at the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN) this Saturday.

Industry Loop: Respect theatre!

I’ve written about this before but it seems my pleas are being flatly ignored. Etiquette needs to be followed with theatre. It’s really just common sense. As a functioning adult there are some stuff that one should just know are wrong like answering a call in the middle of a theatre production. Which in case you still don’t see why that would be a problem, causes distraction on all ends.

African Vocals supported by Elemotho to fundraise

WINDHOEK  - African Vocals, an Acappella band from Mondesa, Swakopmund, will be fundraising in the Namib Primary School hall in Swakopmund, on September, supported by Elemotho. Funds shall be raised for the third Germany tour the group is planning for May 2019, after tours to Germany in 2014 and 2017. Tickets are for N$80 and will be available from August 6. Contact 0814217546 for tickets.

Mariental library embarks on career guidance programme

WINDHOEK- The Mariental Public Library has embarked on a new programme titled Life after Grade 12.    The idea initiated last year by Letta Shivute, the librarian, is to inform and advice learners about different study fields, and different jobs in the market. Shivute came up with this initiative when she noticed that learners who came to do online applications to different universities last year, were just applying for almost the same study fields, revealing a lack of information on different career choices. Shivute thus thought it fit to expose the learners to different career choices.

Author reads DHPS learners true stories

WINDHOEK - Life tells the best stories - and the stories author Hanna Schott told her young audience of Grades 1-4 learners at the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule (DHPS) in Windhoek recently were indeed as colourful and varied as life itself.

NUST Students to showcase talents

WINDHOEK - The Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST) on Monday launched its third fashion show that again see student designers showcasing their best garments and other accessories under the theme, Futuristic Afro.