• November 27th, 2020



Wire and zinc toy cars a hit

OPUWO - A group of six out-of-school youths from Opuwo are making headlines by making different types of toy cars from wire and zinc which have become part of their daily survival. 

Cash injection  for rural projects

OUTJO - Eight rural projects received funds from the constituency office of Outo through various initiatives such as Poor Farmers Initiatives, Constituency Development Fund, Micro Finance and Regional Specific Action Plan.


Namibian rhino, elephant populations double

KAMANJAB - The country’s rhino and elephant populations have more than doubled and it’s all thanks to a well-managed natural resource management programme, the Ministry of Environment and Tourism has revealed. Sikopo said, “Our elephant population has more than doubled from 7500 in 1995 to about 24000 today.” 


Resettled farmers venture into lucerne project

OPUWO – Governor of Kunene Region Marius Sheya together with Constituency Councillor Johannes Atsino and their team visited the Neumbo family on their government resettlement farm to assess the progress of the lucerne project, the only and first of its kind in Kunene.


Pawo to the rescue of Kunene girl child

OPUWO – The Pan African Women Organisation (Pawo), in conjunction with  the Swapo Party Women’s Council (SPWC), last week assisted the girl child in the rural areas of Kunene Region by providing sanitary pads and other items to mostly disadvantaged learners at Otjiu Primary School and Musaso Combined School.


MTC opens mobile home in Kunene

OPUWO – Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) continued with its corporate mission to take services to the people by opening a new mobile shop to serve its clientele in Opuwo, the first such facility in Kunene Region.

Human wild-life conflict claims 370 cattle in Kunene

KHORIXAS - Communities in Khorixas continue to suffer the brunt of human-wildlife conflict in former Damaraland known as Kunene Region. During 2017 alone farmers lost 270 cattle, 350 donkeys, 247 goats and 46 sheep, according to the latest statistics from the far north-western region.

SDFN constructs hundreds of houses in Kunene

KHORIXAS - Juliane /Uxams, the regional facilitator in Kunene for the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia (SDFN), has entered into agreements with several municipalities, village councils and town councils for SDFN to build over one hundred low-cost houses in Kunene Region.


47 schoolgirls impregnated in Kunene

KHORIXAS - The Kunene school counselor Aini Hoaebs has made a bombshell revelation that 47 schoolgirls are pregnant in the Kunene region and the majority of pregnancies are attributed to learners engaged in unprotected skin-to-skin sex after they were under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 


Kapere calls for sober debate on abortion

OKANGUATI - The executive chairperson of the National Youth Council (NYC) Mandela Kapere has called for an open-minded debate on the complex issue of abortion, which is illegally prevalent in the country, especially among the youth.