• November 29th, 2020



Celebrating Namibia’s innovators

MTC in partnership with the Namibia University of Science and Technology (NUST), UNDP and other stakeholders awarded prizes to the most promising local innovators on Monday through the annual Innovation Bazaar.


Medscheme injects in OEF

Medscheme, a health risk management services provider and medical aid administrator has injected over N$200 000 into the One Economy Foundation (OEF) under the office of the First Lady geared towards combating SGBV while sharing the perspectives of both survivors and perpetrators of gender-based violence.


Dispatched thoughts - The Youth Are Strong

If there is something, we all learned this year it’s that the youth are very strong and capable, despite the hardships and unfortunate events that are happening and continue to happen, the youth somehow finda way to persevere and, in some cases, thrive.


Developing underprivileged children’s minds 

Established in October 2018 by Namibia youth and piloted in the Tobias Hainyeko constituency, Do It For The Kids Namibia aims to amass community-based solutions to public challenges, specifically issues relating to underprivileged children’s academic development via volunteerism as a solution to the challenges.


Students fight for equal funding

Students from different institutions around Windhoek held a rally yesterday marching from Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust) to the ministry of higher education to advocate for equal funding.


Youth into full-time farming

Albertus Shalongo Jason (35) grabbed an opportunity by using a piece of land he attained from his parents in Omuulukila village in Outapi and decided to set up an horticulture establishment.


Exploring opportunities in agriculture

Agriculturalist Venaani Kahuure (28), who has set up a poultry farm at Ovinjuru village in the Omaheke region’s Epukiro constituency, said there are many ways to survive, especially for those in the Agricultural sector, further imploring the youth to join hands and explore opportunities in the industry.

Dispatched thoughts - It will get better

There is one thing I am certain of the most, and that is that life will always go on, no matter how difficult or how bad it looks right now; it will always go on and time will heal all wounds – it eventually does.


Universities in need of local books

Johannes Pendapala Uusiku (27), a lawyer by profession and currently a full-time lecturer at the University of Namibia, has encouraged institutions of higher education to use local books or study materials, as they currently largely rely on foreign literature in research and teachings.


The future of athletics

There is a buzz in athletics that Beatrice Masilingi is not just the next Frank Fredricks but is potentially one of the best athletes in the country.


Youth are excluded from the mainstream infrastructure pillar

Civil engineer and director of Mondjila Project Advisory and Management Panashe Daringo (32) said some potential pitfalls that hinder the progress of infrastructural development in Namibia is the exclusion of young people from the mainstream pillar or activities of the infrastructural nature.


Erongo restructures its youth forum

As the National Youth Council of Namibia (NYC) commenced with the restructuring of its 121 constituencies and the 14 regional youth forums, the youth forums in Erongo region elected its leadership for the next five years in various towns.


Dispatched thoughts - Peacemakers are gold

 It is difficult to find fault in yourself; it can be difficult to change your mind when it’s already set and it can be difficult to reach an agreement when views and desired outcomes differ with everyone else’s. 


The rise of a young innovator

16 years old, Berhane Wheeler is probably like any other teenager who is into digital games but what makes him stand out from a crowd is that he is into the business of developing them.

APLI to launch tech programme

The African Pathfinder Leaders Initiative will launch a tech programme to train early-career information technology (IT)-enthusiasts in fields relevant to a career in back-office automation. 

Dispatched thoughts - Hard work never disappoints

Nothing beats hard work, we have heard it before and read about it countless times, that behind every success is pure unfiltered hard work, putting in the time and energy to do what needs to be done, no matter how minuscule or insignificant it seems to be, there is always work to be done.


Zulu Boy turns passion into impact

Growing up with charitable parents, visual artist, Pinehas Shikulo popularly known as Zulu Boy’s dream was to always make a positive impact in his community, and it is turning into a reality.


Young potential voters’ views on the upcoming elections

In light of the ongoing supplementary registration of voters for the upcoming regional council and local authority elections, Youth Corner contacted young potential voters from across the country to find out if they are going to vote in the elections and the importance thereof.


Lack of information thwarts the success of start-ups

Brandberg Global  , an organisation aimed at providing valuable resources for start-ups to enable them to perform at their highest potential created an online platform to assist local start-ups to have abundance access to information about the entrepreneurial journey.


Young activists to drive change

The youth is said to be the leaders of tomorrow; however, for these advocates of change, they are leaders of today, and their involvement in politics might boost youth activism in the country.


Hapulile to participate at the 2nd SADC Youth Forum

Board member of the National Youth Council, 2016 Mandela Washington fellow and economic diplomacy and social development advocate, Ndahafa Hapulile, is among the seven Namibian representatives to the 2nd SADC Youth Forum which is set to take place from today till Friday in Mozambique.


11-year-old dancer shares her passion

Lekisha Alcock, well known as Kisha, a Grade 6 learner at St. Andrews Primary School, continues to positively impact the lives of her peers, as she tries to share her passion for dancing in hope of inspiring other young minds.


One Economy Foundation addresses mental health 

The One Economy Foundation hosted a Covid-19 Survival Kit for Youth Entrepreneurs to discuss pressing challenges they are facing during the pandemic, as well as to brainstorm practical and actionable ways to mitigate the negative impact on their businesses and mental health.


Dispatched Thoughts: Responsibility of leaders

When times get rough, a leader cannot hide behind their team; they cannot hide because of the rough times. That is when they are most needed by those that look up to them. It is in times like this that they will be tested and have to prove their leadership skills.


Ameliorating education of young Namibians

A young educationist has taken it upon herself to be at the forefront of creating a platform, with the assistance of her family to offer lessons to students as she feels not all of them have the privilege of having a strong support system that would motivate them to study hard and do their best.


15-year-old in humanitarian action

15-year-old Naftali Malakia’s dream of becoming a humanitarian has materialised, as he spends the lockdown period assisting people who are sick in his community and helping his peers with their school work.


Journalists’ voices on covering Covid-19

Namibia’s media spectrum is not that big but it is impactful. Behind the news published daily, are front-runners who have dedicated their time, effort and commitment to the profession to bring you, the listeners, readers and viewers news related to Covid-19 through their respective media houses.


Popya - Die Bangos the hotdog king

From dancer to entrepreneur, Eino Amaambo, popularly known as Die Bangos, said making a mark in the food business was an uphill climb; however, hard work and determination paved his way to the top.


Sacrifices are needed

In many cases, anything worthwhile does not come easy. Rome was not built in a day; trust is not gained on one occasion – great relationships are not built on one day or encounter, and great wealth certainly is not made overnight.


VTCs ready for face-to-face classes

Higher education minister Itah Kandjii-Murangi this week visited the Windhoek Vocational Training Centre to ensure that everything was in order for the reopening of the institution for the face-to-face teachings


Ministry of gender urges parents to engage more with children

The Ministry of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare (MGEPESW) has urged parents and caregivers to engage with their little ones in play and stimulation activities and is looking into the possibility of developing home-based ECD programmes to strengthen the parents’ ability to deliver the envisaged program at home so that children continue to be enthused.


More practical less theory in schools – Immanuel

A teacher by profession, now a software developer, Hafeni Immanuel (31) has suggested that education policies should be amended to include more practical work in schools compared to theory as learners tend to grasp schoolwork more efficiently based on practical tasks given to them.


Dispatched thoughts - Keeping focus

I know I can do better, we always know that we are capable of doing better no matter what we are doing. We sell ourselves short and somehow try to comfort ourselves that what we did is enough or at least good enough, especially when we know it’s not.

Zambezi youth to spearhead Covid-19 campaign

The national youth response to Covid-19 campaign was launched in the Zambezi region recently.  It was started the Zambezi Regional Youth Forum in order to capacitate the youth in that region to play a role on informing residents about coronavirus that leads to Covid-19.


Shetunyenga awarded for best postgraduate thesis

Throughout her research process, Niilonga Ndinelago Tuuyakula Shetunyenga (29) realised that there is a recipe for successful and impactful research. She was awarded for being the best candidate for her postgraduate thesis on An exploration of barriers to community participation in development within Ompundja constituency from the International University of Management (IUM) last year.


Dispatched thoughts - It is your responsibility

Namibia is one of the most unequal countries in the world when it comes to the distribution of wealth. Like many countries in southern Africa, the majority of wealth and land is usually held by a minority group, ever since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the economy has suffered some rather devastating blows. Those at the bottom of the economic pyramid have had it especially bad.


Popya - Creating a better society for students

Youth Corner caught up with one of the youth activists, a member of the Namibia National Students Organisation (Nanso) and a law student, Naboth De Celestino, who aims to do everything in his power to assist mostly law students to understand the law of the country.


Dispatched thoughts - Living on hope

Globally, the year 2020 has not been many people’s favourite year so far. It is doing more damage than people thought possible. Countries worldwide are all receiving the short end of the deal, and Namibia has not been exempted from this.


Social reflections - 4 laws of personal development

Every one of us walks a path in our lives towards the things that make us feel alive. We drive ourselves, push ourselves and work towards our goals. Yet, there are lessons I have learned along the way that I deem of utmost importance. These lessons show themselves in various situations in my life, and they play a vital role in dealing with matters well.


APLI - Developing an entrepreneurial mindset

As a creative and entrepreneur, I have felt the harshness of the pandemic from both the creative and business side. I also witnessed many companies being forced to close down due to lack of income. Many had to re-strategise their business models to survive. I had to re-strategise my business operations as our income was mostly dependent on corporate events, but due to the social restrictions, we now have to rely on our secondary income streams (brand development, film production and training) to stay afloat. 


Eaglenest kindergarten joins the virtual learning culture

Just like most schools across the country, Eaglenest kindergarten and after day-care school will also start with virtual learning today. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to get more serious and schools remain closed, Eaglenest has decided to join hands with parents to continue lessons through e-learning.


Social reflections - How to kick yourself out of a slump

A conversation we tend to want to shove under the rug is that we all find ourselves in a slump and can’t help but cast eyes on the journey of another. We go through seasons of transition, seasons of silence and seasons of teachings. Much of the time, these seasons do not hold progress. We find ourselves worried as to whether we have slowed down in life, worried as to whether there’s more we should be doing and hell-bent on trying to keep an eye on our own race.


Staying educated through #TeamGraduate

The status of education in Namibia is being challenged by many obstacles which led to some organisations and citizens joining hands to offer the little resources they have to lift the weight off the government. One such initiative is #TeamGraduate.

Making peace with the past

Holding on to issues from the past doesn’t aid you in any way to head into the future. Sometimes, issues from the past need to be solved now or buried so as not to harm the present and future.


Dispatched thoughts - Look after yourself

We are facing unprecedented times currently, not just in our country, but globally. The Covid-19 virus is wreaking havoc throughout the world, every corner of the earth seems to be badly affected, some worse than others, but everyone is feeling its effects.

Namibian students share lockdown experience in America

Students studying in the United States (US) narrated how life is for them during the lockdown in their cities. Alvine Kapitako, a former employee of New Era, told Youth Corner that all their classes are online for the rest of the semester. ‘’The decision was made three weeks ago.

Social reflections - The art of self-love (Part 2)

You know that moment when you are supposed to meet up with a friend. The plan was to meet up at 6 p.m. Yet, fifteen minutes later, you receive a text explaining that they are still getting dressed, which we all know means ‘just getting out the shower’.


Social reflection - Be teachable

Every situation provides an opportunity to teach or be taught, however, this requires one to have the viewpoint of being teachable. This is the thinking with which I approach all things in life.


Gazza’s youth employment programme commences

Namibian artist and businessman Lazarus Shiimi, stage name Gazza, unveiled his youth employment opportunity, which has finally reached its peak for his project that will see about 58 young Namibians getting training in Dubai (UAE) to sharpen their skills in artisan at Streit Group, an armoured vehicle manufacturer.


Duinesig receives books

WALVIS BAY – The Namport Social Investment Fund (NSIF) last week donated books worth N$50 000 to Duinesig Combined School in Walvis Bay for their library.


APLI - 2020 Fellows Part 2

The African Pathfinder Leaders Initiative Fellowship has admitted 14 Fellows for the 2020 Fellowship. Below are brief profiles of the last seven, and their experience at the first APLI Residential Training:


Stay focused and disciplined - Sikeba

The president of the Students Representative Council of the International University of Management (IUM), Lloyd Sikeba admonished first year students of the institution to stay focused, remain disciplined, use their time wisely and not to forget the purpose of why they are at the institution.

Youth urged to utilise DBN fund

ONGWEDIVA – Youth minister Erastus Uutoni has urged the young people to make use of the Development Bank of Namibia’s skills-based funding lending facility in order to create employment for themselves and others. The DBN lending facility assists young businesspeople with loans between N$50 000 and N$1 million.

Nanso assists over 7 000 students

The president of the Namibian National Student Organisation (Nanso), Simon Taapopi, said the association has to date assisted more than 7 000 students from the higher education sector as part of the Access to Education Campaign.


APLI - Why we do what we do

In high school and many other sectors of life, the general expectation is that whoever serves on the Learner Representative Council (LRC) would serve their year and pass on the baton to a younger student to be elected the following year.


Game developers on the rise

WINDHOEK – A young local game developer has urged his fellow country mates to get into gaming to cease and control the market because it’s the industry that makes the most money in the world and said most of the fields in the country are heavily populated.


Social reflection: 21 Day Healing Challenge

Being a strong independent woman does not equate to allowing yourself to wallow and drown in silence. Many of us have been taught to stand on our own two feet and weather out the storms, always keeping in mind that we are our own hero. 


Back to school stationery shopping

With schools starting today, parents have been rushing to stationery shops to purchase last-minute items such as school uniforms, pencils, rubbers, erasers, math sets, books and covers, which their children require for the beginning of the 2020 academic year.


Businessman donates uniforms to Ndiilokelwa school

WINDHOEK  - As some parents who have children schooling at Ndiilokelwa Primary School are struggling to provide school uniforms to their children, Local businessman Sylvester Shapwa rescued them by donating 80 full uniforms to less privilege children over the school holiday. 


Secret of straight A students

WINDHOEK-   Last year’s Grade 12 best performers in the Namibia Senior Secondary Certificate (NSSC) higher level attributed their success to reading and studying before lessons, doing revision and studying repeatedly.

Opinion: Rest

I am sure I am not the only one who feels the immense pressure of life. The older I get, the more intense it becomes. As of late, I have been struggling with the notion that all I am doing is not enough.


RLabs on a mission to educate young Namibians

WINDHOEK - Reconstructed Living Labs (RLabs), under the Namibia Business Innovation Institute (NBII), recently graduated a total of 186 students in short courses, ranging from Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Project Management and Events Management.

Opinion: The Church Should Stand With The LGBTIQ Community

I came across a story recently of a pastor speaking on LBGTI issues and found it fascinating, especially since that doesn’t happen often and that there is an expectation that churches should not discriminate their congregations but should be filled with pride when the church is diverse and fully packed.


Waka International pre-school and daycare grooms kids into responsible adults

Founded by Namibian model and businessman Luis Munana, Waka International pre-school and daycare is one of the few schools in the country to use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC), which is designed to engage and inspire children, helping them to develop knowledge, skills and understanding in all subjects, as well as to learn international mindedness and develop a range of personal qualities and dispositions.

Opinion: Corruption In plain view

The phrase ‘whatever you do in the dark shall come out in the light’ has never rung so true when it comes to our political leaders. It is one thing to be caught in shady dealings, but it is totally embarrassing and despicable to be caught doing shady dealings by a foreign organisation with your pants down. Obviously, there was a huge outcry from the public, especially youth.


NAMAs time is up - MTC

WINDHOEK - MTC’s Chief of Human Capital and Corporate Affairs, Tim Ekandjo, has said the MTC was giving up its sponsoring boots for the Namibian Annual Music Awards (NAMAs) because all good things do end. 

Opinion: Living in the here and now

You know when one finds oneself looking at one’s life, we tend to have two sights, forward and backwards. We spend much of our time focused on the future and what is to come. Always planning and anxious about where we are going and trying to ensure that we are doing the groundwork to get to where we are going.


FAO awards schools in Kavango East

RUNDU-The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in collaboration with Food Namibia, recently held a World Food Day Poster competition for schools in Kavango East, focusing on students between the ages of 12-19 designing posters to create awareness about Healthy Diets for a Zero Hunger World.

Opinion: A Blip In The Road

It’s hard to stay smiling and optimistic when things go sideways. You know it’s a blip in a rather smooth road, but it’s still a blip nonetheless and it causes discomfort.

Opinion: Imposter Syndrome

You know that moment when you achieve something and in the middle of the applause and pat on the shoulder of congratulations, you have this voice in the back of your mind whispering thoughts of doubt as to whether you even deserve the applause?


Is the media controlling what we see? – Samupofu

WINDHOEK - Nedbank Namibia in collaboration with the Namibia University of Science and Technology (Nust) organised a media fair where they invited schools around the capital to discuss issues affecting the status of digitalisation in Namibia under the theme Catalysing the Digital Economy.

Opinion: Where Did We Go Wrong With Men

There have been some unbelievable stories in the headlines this year, especially when it comes to rape. Some of these acts are things you would think could never happen, not even in one’s wildest dream. At times,

Opinion: The Year of NO – Part 4

When you wake up one morning and decide that everything you have ever dreamed of will become your reality, you go through a series of phases. In most instances, it starts off with an energy that propels you to

Opinion: The Year of No – PART 2

What if I told you everything you are today is as a result of the decisions you made every single day prior to this moment right now? What if I told you that everything happens for a reason? What if I told you that


Motivated by humble stories of people

WINDHOEK – She says one thing that motivates her is humble life stories of people who have worked their way from the bottom to the top. “I am inspired by my grandparents because they are a constant reminder for


Scholarships awarded to 57 Namibians

WINDHOEK – The Chinese government recently held a send-off ceremony for 57 Namibian students who after a vigorous vetting and interviewing process were granted the opportunity to study at institutions of

Edward Ndopu, defying odds

WINDHOEK- Edward Ndopu is a young African who is setting the wheels in motion to become the first physically disabled commercial astronaut. “The idea is to broadcast a televised address from a spaceship

Be mindful of what you are doing, says Nesongano 

WINDHOEK - The biggest lesson he has learnt in life is to be mindful of what he is doing. Mufaro Njabulo Nesongano says so often, people get caught up in the past or the future and forget to appreciate the current moment that life is presenting them. Therefore, he has learnt to live in the moment as much as possible.

Recognizing Others

In almost every way measurable the world and the people, in general, have made great strides in advancing the human species. From medicines and cures that eliminated life-threating diseases, to global recognition of


Heroes' Day tribute song

OMUTHIYA – The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology’s Oshikoto regional office, as the custodian of ICT development, hosted auditions that saw various aspiring artists compete for an opportunity to use their talent and vocals on producing an in-house Heroes' Day tribute song.

For the Good of Sports

There is no doubt that in recent years sport has been getting a great deal of success and coverage both on and off the field. There has been an insurgence in sport and physical activities and interests in the

We are different

After carefully laying out my plans and vision for life, I sealed the book that would guide my life. I had it all figured out, I knew at what age I expected to finish varsity, I knew where I intended to complete my post-graduate degree and I knew at what age I wanted to get married and with how many kids.

Bright Hill Pre-School gets N$85 000 from German Embassy

WINDHOEK - The Bright Hill Pre-School situated in Okuryangava in the Katutura suburb received an amount of N$ 85 244 from the German Embassy recently. Founders and directors of the pre-school, Franz-Josef and Anne Mueller have a heart for education and decided to establish the pre-school in 2000.

Simplicity is King

“Well, most times we kind of ignore the most obvious things about life. One of life’s ironies.” Any chance I get, I will always try to ask for advice and guidance from those I look up to and inspired by.

The beauty of learning

In every given situation, there is room to learn. It is with this thinking that I approach all things in life. I have long since made peace with the fact that there will always be something you do not know, a book you have not read and a philosophy you are yet to discover. 

Do your Part: Fight the drought

With the current issues and events happening in the country, we still have a drought ripping through the land, something that the whole nation should help with as it affects everyone. Everyone has an obligation and part


Let bygones be bygones

I have spent much of my life looking into the lives of people I admire. I have always been one who believes in the power of learning and not making mistakes that can be avoided by learning from those that have

Diversity is important

There was a day I came across a lovely little girl. I was visiting with a friend who knew her mother, and immediately talk to the precious little girl. In no time she got comfortable and started chatting to me. She was


Youth share views on voting

With Namibia’s elections slated for November, Youth Corner’s Aletta Shikololo and Paheja Siririka gauged the young people’s views on whether the youth are interested in voting.

Religious Education

On paper, it is claimed that Namibia is a Christian nation, over 90 percent of the population are believed to follow the Christian faith. This is a great because we have a dominant religion and its principles should be felt and taught countrywide.

You need to stop wishing

There is something about being in your twenties that puts immense pressure on you. It is as though you are fast walking in a race and no matter how much you try to run, you cannot seem to get yourself to do


Leena Iitula the passionate educator

Leena Iitula was born in a small village of Okakonya in Oshana Region where she completed her early primary education. Her parents later moved to Ongwediva for better education for her and her four younger


FNB collects pads for schoolgirls

WINDHOEK – With the aim of keeping a girl child in school, First National Bank (FNB) Namibia encouraged its employees to donate sanitary pads at their recent basketball pad drive which took place last week. 

The Youth Must Take Responsibility

It is well established that the majority of the Namibian population is made up of the youth, almost everything that happens in the country revolves around the youth, whether it’s positive or not. Youth in their very nature


Earlier in the year at our independence celebrations, our guest Mr Uhuru Kenyatta, the President of Kenya

The past, present and future fear

I woke up this morning, in a haze, with my heart beating against my chest. It took me a moment to regain my equilibrium and realise I was terrified. I had to sit still for a good minute, to give myself sufficient time to

Prideful Month For The LGBTI Community

At the core of a full and free life is the ability for one to have the freedom to make his or her own choices. One should be free to make a choice on their own, without any forces or fears dictating them. That is what we


How good is good enough? When is a break too long? When is the right time to take a break? How hard should I be on myself? Am I doing all I can? Why do you keep self-sabotaging yourself?

Sanlam launches cultural programme for learners

WINDHOEK- Sanlam Namibia launched its fifth cultural initiative dubbed the Sanlam My Culture My Life programme. The roadshow is aimed at promoting and preserving the diverse Namibian cultures among the youth in general and school learners in particular. 

Social Reflection: From Broke to Money Savvy

Financial Literacy 102 – Budgeting  The idea of getting your finances under wraps can be exhausting. The thought of tracking expenditure, and simply taking care to not overspend. Let’s face it, it is easier to spend than save, it is easier to spend

//Kharas coaches youth on model citizenry

The Ministry of Educations’ Namib Circuit conducted a workshop brainstorming on the //Kharas Character Transformation Campaign in Lüderitz recently, as a means of working out modalities to prepare members of the youth as tomorrow’s adults.


Sometimes you do things you don’t understand or without a reason even. Sometimes you fall prey to your unruly desires, sometimes you lack courage. It’s not every day that you are able to stay strong and do the things that need to be done, not all days are the same.

Social Reflection: Poverty Cycle Breakers

“Over the past five years, the Namibian economy registered an average growth rate of 4.3 percent. However, with an unemployment rate of 29.9 percent, poverty incidence of 26.9 percent and HIV prevalence of 16.9 percent, a large portion of the Namibian population remains vulnerable.” – UNDPA