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One of the consequences of the global Covid-19 outbreak is that the normal school calendar has been thrown into disarray, especially lower primary. So much so that this year’s teaching has and will most likely continue to be given by parents and guardians rather than teachers.  
For the most of the year, parents have been responsible for the transfer of knowledge from books and study material to their children. For many a burden they would rather leave to teachers, but what makes a difference is how good parents have proven to your children, a great responsibility that demands so much from the parents. Good parenting is more important than good schooling.  

Children have spent more time at home this year than in schools and academic institutions, blurring the already thin lines between being a parent and teacher. No doubt that for the benefit of the children, parents must learn to differentiate and alternate between the position and keep in mind that the goal is to deliver good schooling in these uncertain times.  

No doubt, good schooling is very important, as it helps in the development and growth of a child. It helps the children to open their mind not only in different subjects but also helps in stimulating the interest of the children. A school forms the base to the children, teaching them the facts of life and ways to deal with the world once they are exposed to it. Building confidence is not easy but that’s what the role of a good teacher and parents is.

This is where the role of good parenting comes in; parents have to engage themselves completely with their children in the absence of trained teachers and make them responsible enough to face the world. Parents are direct influencers of their children; they need to keep a check on the way they talk and behave in front of a child. Parents have to be dynamic so that they can enrich the learning, creativity and educational skills of their child. Understanding the psychological state and behaviour of a child is very important. Parents have to be balanced in their nature of being strict and lenient.

While everyone has had to adjust to this new reality, we have to be proactive and make sure we do not lose focus on the importance of education. We should try to deliver the best education to our children; they matter.
* Olavi Popyeinawa
Twitter: @olavipopyeinawa
Email: olavipopyeinawa@gmail.com