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Alumni donate sports equipment to school

2023-09-20  Max Heinrich

Alumni donate sports equipment to school

Oluteyi Combined School alumni committee donated sports equipment worth N$22 000 to the school last weekend.

The donation included sport kits for boys and girls, football and netball balls, football nets, netball rings, and a variety of equipment associated with sports.

According to the spokesperson of the Alumni Legend Committee, Kefas Elago, the donation came up as an initiative to uplift the livelihoods of the Namibian child in equal terms with education and academic performance.

“Sport create jobs and improve people’s lives by making a living out of it. We realised that the government does not concentrate much on improving sports equipment at the school level; they rather buy textbooks and other educational materials. So, we decided to meet the government halfway and improve sports development at the school,” said Elago.

He maintained that the committee has several plans for the school, and the donation is just the first phase of the project. He said they will do so for as long as they are alive in order to always meet the government halfway.

“Most of the learners at the school come from vulnerable backgrounds with unemployed parents, so we wanted to give them an opportunity to improve their sports skills and partake in sport competitions countrywide,” he said.

School principal Toivo Endjala expressed gratitude for the donation from the former learners.

“On behalf of the school and board members, we are very happy. The donation came at the right time because sport encourages learners to attend classes and build a good relationship between the learners and the teachers. The teachers are the coaches,” said Endjala.

He highlighted that the donation was an expression of appreciation to the school from the former learners; they wanted to give back what they got from the school and make a difference in the life of the Namibian child.

“We have an upcoming tournament next month, and we hope to take home first place in most of the games,” said Endjala.


2023-09-20  Max Heinrich

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