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Anti-drug awareness campaign launched in Ongenga village

2023-12-19  Max Heinrich

Anti-drug awareness campaign launched in Ongenga village

OSHAKATI - An organisation called Fighting Against Drug Use in Villages, in collaboration with the Ohangwena Police, yesterday launched its first awareness campaign in Ongenga.

The launch of the educational anti-drug awareness campaign took place at the Ongenga Elcin Church in Ohangwena region.

The non-profit organisation is dedicated to combating drug abuse, specifically in villages and rural areas, and strives to raise awareness and to empower rural communities to make informed choices.

The organisation’s founder Martha Namhadi said she and her team believe it is crucial to address drug-related issues in communities which are often overlooked by other non-profit organisations, which in many cases mainly focus on urban areas.

“I have come to the realisation that drugs are in our villages, and being abused by our children. Our mission is to make a lasting impact in the fight against drug abuse,” she emphasised.

Namhadi told her audience about the dangers of taking narcotics, and the long-lasting effects they have on the human body. “When a person is abusing narcotics, he or she can cause damage to his or her lungs, liver and kidneys. It can even cause extreme health problems such as cancer,” she warned.

She added that those who abuse drugs or have a drug addiction problem develop a tendency to steal valuable items to sell, just to feed their cravings.

Namhadi, called for a collaborative bond between the campaign and parents to educate children, while they are still young, on the dangers of illicit drug abuse on their health, education and future lives.

“If we start educating our children at home on the dangers of illicit drugs, I’m sure we will have a positive impact on their lives,” she said.

Warrant officer Andreas Nghiyolwa Theof the Ohangwena police’s community policing sub-division said from the beginning of the year to September, 14 suspects had been arrested for dealing in cannabis.

“Ohangwena is so close to the Angolan border, and drug-related cross-border crimes are being committed by our own children. Preventing these crimes from happening is not an easy job,” he stressed.

Nghiyolwa noted that police have realised that those who provide children with illicit drugs only want to make money out of them.

“School children are hired as drug mules because drug dealers believe police do not suspect school children to be involved in crime,” he added.

He emphasised that the usage of narcotics only increases crime rates and chaos in the region.

He advised parents to play their important role in ensuring their children get an education and good upbringing, and parents must learn and understand the signs of abuse of illicit drugs by children.



2023-12-19  Max Heinrich

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