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Festive business is booming 

2023-12-22  Max Heinrich

Festive business is booming 

Festus Hamalwa 

Max Henrich


ONGWEDIVA - Vendors in the north of Namibia are smiling all the way to the bank as business has picked up due to festive season clients who have travelled here to attend and celebrate events with loved ones.

One of the businesswomen and owner of Shekupe’s Kitchen, Lovisa Namwandi (24) also known as Shekupe Botha has expressed excitement over the customers that come with the festive season. 

She explained most couples opt to marry during the festive season when most of their family members have congregated for the holiday from all corners of the country. 

According to Namwandi, festive season weddings are the best compared to the rest of the year, as she makes more money during this time.

“I make more profit in December because I charge according to the number of people estimated to be attending the wedding, and mind you, everyone travels to the north because it is a holiday,” said Namwandi.







During the festive season, commodities become cheaper as retailers offer festive discounted prices. This, she said, was good for couples as it saves them money on wedding expenses.

She mentioned that during events, she meets other event vendors, and they refer clients to each other.

Namwandi highlighted that the only major challenge she faces during December is the rain, so she tries to prepare everything on time.

Kanime Lukas, a street vendor operating opposite Spar in Ongwediva, expressed his joy over the festive season, saying that it is the best opportunity to make more income.

He said that from September to November, he did not make money from selling his products as he is doing daily this month of December.

“I no longer go back home with leftover tomatoes and onions. The town is full, and people are coming in big numbers to support the business.” 

Lukas said he wished the whole year to be a festive season so he and his fellow business community could generate more income.

Meamano Banjameni, who works at a car wash in Ongwediva said, since the start of the festive season, they have been able to wash over 70 cars per day.

He added that before December, they do not even wash 30 cars in a month.

“We are grateful for this festive season. It brings us joy when it comes to our business,” said the service provider.

Benjameni said every day they receive new customers who travelled from various towns to spend their holiday in the north.

“Our good customer service attracts people to bring their vehicles to be washed. This gives us the courage to remain hard-working.” 

Saara Mukwalodhi, who is doing her holiday job at her mom’s tailor shop, said she is happy because they get more customers buying traditional attire.

“It is a season for weddings, and everyone would love to wear traditional attire,” she told New Era.

Her mother, Martha Iiyambo said the only best month to make more money is December because the town is full.

For 26-year-old make-up artist and nail technician Ndeshipanda Mathews, female clients are booking nonstop for both services.

Mathews is the owner of Glamorous Nails and Make-up Salon and currently operates from home while she saves up enough money to build her nail studio.

“It is December, and the girls want to look nice before attending any events or going out to groove. As a nail technician I am booked almost every day of the week and sometimes, I knock off late to avoid disappointing my clients,” said the beautician.

She maintained that December is the busiest month for her and a time to make good money from new clients who are being referred to her by the old clients.

“My clients believe in my work and are always excited about their new set of manicure and pedicure designs that they always refer new clients to me when asked who did their nails or make-up,” said the cosmetologist.

Hilde Benjamin (19), who owns Hairby_Hilde and operates from home as a hairstylist, said running her business is nothing but pure joy.

“At the age of 14, I started doing my friends hair just for free because I was still learning. At the age of 16, that is when I actually started getting serious with doing her,” said Benjamin.

When it comes to business during the festive season, Benjamin said there is always a little competition because every hairstylist is putting up sales and people are very picky.

“I would say it is better because at the end of the day, it is all about how good your services are, it is a whole competition, but we keep pushing,” she said.

While talking to New Era, Benjamin said although she is currently in Windhoek, clients in the north have already booked for her services.

“I posted a flyer that I would be in the north soon and as we speak; I have four clients that have booked in advance. Business is running slow this December, but that’s not the reason to have a sad face, the holidays have just begun.”

Caption: Money maker… Kanime Lukas said he makes more income during the festive season.

Photo: Festus Hamalwa 

2023-12-22  Max Heinrich

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