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FNB invests heavily in basketball league

2023-12-12  Max Heinrich

FNB invests heavily in basketball league

ONGWEDIVA - First National Bank last week sponsored the first ever FNB Namibia Basketball Federation 5-on-5 league with a total of N$900 000.

FNB partnered with the Namibia Basketball Federation (NBF) in a three-year sponsorship agreement to fund the league with N$300 000 annually.

The league officially kicked off last Friday in Oshana with 11 male teams and six female teams from 11 regions.

Oshana governor Elia Irimari highlighted that he is committed to supporting initiatives that promote sport development and youth empowerment.

“I believe that investing in our youth and providing them with opportunities to excel in sports will not only contribute to their personal growth but also have a positive impact on our society as a whole,” said Irimari.

He further said that the league will also serve as a catalyst for social cohesion and community development and will bring people from different backgrounds together and create bonds that go beyond the basketball court. According to Ondangwa FNB branch manager Cornelia Paulus, the establishment of this partnership is a crucial first step towards achieving Namibia’s excellence in basketball and providing athletes with the support that they deserve as representatives on the national and international stage. “Transformative investments such as this one remain necessary for the advancement of sport in our country. FNB has over the years evolved in how it inspires and leads impactful moments for communication across Namibia. As a top corporate social investor, we believe that our sponsorship of the National 5 on 5 Basketball Tournament signifies that change is coming to the realm of Namibian sports,” said Paulus. She emphasised that she hopes that the partnership between FNB and the Namibia Basketball Federation will help develop athletes from the grassroots level to having them represent Namibia on national and international stages as they pursue their dreams.

NBF vice president Tangeni Haifidi highlighted that securing sponsorship from FNB was a crucial step in making the national competition a reality.

“The tournament came about when we secured funding from FNB; we decided to host a national tournament involving all regions. Taking over leadership during Covid, we struggled to get funding until now. This tournament provides an opportunity for both young and seasoned players to showcase their talents and skills,” said Haifidi.

Haifidi mentioned that the tournament serves as a platform to assemble a formidable national team. Players, some of whom have never competed at the national level, now have the chance to vie for a spot in the national team. “I am happy with what I saw on the court in the past few days. Both young and old players are excited. We believe there is a wealth of talent in Namibia, and this tournament provides a platform to unearth that talent. However, we have faced challenges such as providing food for the players and transportation, which has been our biggest hurdle,” he added.

The tournament’s second leg and final rounds are scheduled for February in Windhoek, promising an exciting culmination to this groundbreaking basketball event. -;

2023-12-12  Max Heinrich

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