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Gondwana commits N$1m to Tourism Heroes Fund

2023-09-20  Staff Reporter

Gondwana commits N$1m to Tourism Heroes Fund

In response to a concerning surge in criminal activities targeting tourists, one of the biggest tourism operators in the country, Gondwana Collection Namibia, has introduced a “Tourism Heroes” campaign. The initiative aims to reward, recognise, and support individuals and entities that play a pivotal role in ensuring the safety, hospitality, kindness, care and preservation of Namibian tourism. 

Gondwana Collection Namibia has shown its commitment to this cause by contributing N$1 million, N$500 000 in cash and N$500 000 in-kind donations facilitated through the Gondwana Care Trust. 

According to a Gondwana statement, Namibia has recently faced challenges that threaten the safety of its visitors. Thus, the “Tourism Heroes” campaign seeks to address these issues by shining a spotlight on those who go above and beyond to safeguard tourists and enhance their experience. 

The official launch of the “Tourism Heroes” campaign took place yesterday afternoon at the Parliament Garden. The objectives of the campaign include reducing incidents involving tourists, nurturing a sense of Namibian pride and responsibility for tourist safety, fostering community unity to create a safe and welcoming environment, and emphasising the economic significance of the tourism industry in the country. 

The initiative underscores the importance of collective efforts to support the vital tourism industry, which contributes significantly to the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), provides income for rural communities, generates employment, and much more. 

“By recognising and rewarding individuals who demonstrate exceptional care and support for tourists, often those who go unnoticed, we aim to make Namibia the preferred destination for tourists to experience true hospitality in Africa,” the statement added.  

Gondwana Collection Namibia has invited fellow organisations and individuals to participate in the endeavour and urge Namibian communities to actively nominate their Tourism Heroes. 

2023-09-20  Staff Reporter

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