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IPC walks out of management committee election

2023-12-04  Albertina Nakale

IPC walks out of management committee election

KATIMA MULILO – Independent Patriots for Change (IPC) councillor Charles Musiyalike walked out during a swearing-in ceremony of political officer bearers for the Katima Mulilo town council on Friday, which hindered the conclusion of the election of the chairperson of the management committee.

This comes after the election through secret ballot and administration of oath of the town’s new mayor, John Ntemwa (Swapo), deputised by Lascan Sikosi (PDM) and three members of the management committee.

Ntemwa replaces Lister Shamalaza as mayor.

Musiyalike, who was also nominated as a member of the management committee, walked out when he and two other Swapo councillors, Namangolwa Mapenzi and Christina Simanga, had to battle it out for chairperson of the management committee as per section 25 of the Local Authorities Act of 1992 as amended. Musiyalike walked out of the election process after a deadlock was reached on the nomination of the chairperson of the management committee.  This is after Simanga nominated fellow Swapo councillor Mapenzi, who unfortunately did not get any secondment.

Musiyalike cited that as members of the management committee, they needed more time to caucus, despite having given breaks to discuss as members to elect a chairperson.

Magistrate Davy Kambinda, who presided over the elections, explained to the members that the law requires them to elect a chairperson of the management committee among themselves. 

He also told them he remains available whenever they decide on the date to do the election.

“We need more time to consult. I know no one will nominate me as chairperson of the management committee,” Musiyalike said before he walked out.

Hence, the election of the chairperson of the management committee as per section 25 of the Local Authorities Act could not take place on Friday. 

It remains unknown on the new date for such an election to take place. The new mayor affirmed to stand on good governance principles to ensure council remains a trusted entity by all stakeholders.

According to him, although the assignment at hand is somehow challenging, Ntemwa believes with the support of fellow councillors, they will make a significant difference in the leadership arena.

“As councillors, we should always be mindful that our electorate is persistently expecting quality service delivery and support from us. They consistently expect us to listen to them when they approach us; therefore, we should deliver to the best of our abilities without any delay,” he directed. He urged fellow councillors to find new modalities of resolving land dispute cases that have taken a long time to finalise. Reflecting on the past three years, Ntenwa said one would have observed a period of striking contracts. On one hand, he mentioned council had faced seemingly difficult municipal issues that were exacerbated by limited resources, while on the other hand, he believes council have worked with dedication to execute their duties.

“We have a few important issues that require our collective inputs and decisions. Looking at concerns, complaints and outstanding issues related to sewer, roads and land distribution in the town is evident that we should think fast and find solutions to these problems,” he said.  -

2023-12-04  Albertina Nakale

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