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Learners benefit from shoe drive

2024-01-22  Eveline de Klerk

Learners benefit from shoe drive

SWAKOPMUND - In a heart-warming gesture aimed at supporting vulnerable children, the ShoeDrive24 campaign donated new school shoes to 40 pupils at John /Awaseb Primary School in Mondesa, Swakopmund. 

The generous donation, made possible by members of the Swakopmund community, was handed over to the school principal to cater for the needy pupils in the community.

The ShoeDrive2024 is the brainchild of Sydney Boois and his son Ettienne, who initiated the campaign on 1 January. 

Boois said more than 300 pairs of brand-new school shoes have been collected through the initiative in various towns, demonstrating the widespread support for this noble cause.

Usi //Hoebeb, also a member of the drive emphasized the importance of practical actions to uplift communities and ensure that no one is left behind. 

“We need to take deliberate, intentional, and collective action to make the world around us a better place. Our focus is to provide school shoes to the most vulnerable children as this is a crucial step in empowering them,” he explained.

//Hoebeb highlighted that the school shoes drive aligns with initiatives to instil good behaviour among men. The broader goal is to foster a mind-set of mutual support and responsibility. 

“Through these activities, we aim to bring about the mind-set that ‘my brother is not a burden’ and ‘two are better than one,” he said. 

The belief is that dignified boys will grow into responsible men, contributing positively to society.

Bernard Khaibeb, a member of the Swakopmund Chapter said the initiative recognises the challenges faced by some men in providing for their children. He expressed hope that by restoring the dignity of one boy, they could enhance the safety of women in the community.

In addition to the 40 pairs of school shoes donated to John /Awaseb Primary School, the initiative also distributed 100 pairs of shoes, donated by Karibib businessman JP Meyer, to towns and villages in the region, including Omaruru and Otjimbingwe.

2024-01-22  Eveline de Klerk

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