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Nawatiseb makes U-turn on LPM

2024-03-12  Festus Hamalwa

Nawatiseb makes U-turn on LPM

ONGWEDIVA - Former Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology Engel Nawatiseb has parted ways with the Landless People’s Movement (LPM) after joining the party a mere month ago.

He confirmed this to New Era yesterday, stating that he decided to part ways with his new party following consultations with his family.

He indicated that the decision was in the best interest of the LPM’s founding members and its leader Bernardus Swartbooi. 

Furthermore, he needed to protect his integrity, reputation and credibility as well as the image of his clan. 

Nawatiseb stressed that he will, however, continue to serve the common interest of the Namibian house and his local community.

He left Swapo to join LPM last month. 

He was officially welcomed by the LPM to the party fold a week ago during the party’s fifth anniversary celebrations held at Tsumeb. 

On the occasion, Nawatiseb was happy to see a crowd of people welcoming him, dancing and singing.

At the time, the politician expressed his confidence in the LPM’s potential to bring change in Namibia for the better, noting that change can only occur when one supports capable, young and ambitious leaders. The LPM possesses those characteristics, he reasoned.

However, Nawatiseb has refused to divulge the main reason behind his hasty departure from the LPM.

“I can’t comment on what happened inside the LPM. It will be unfair towards them,” he stated.

Moreover, he mentioned that he noticed something happened with the LPM party structure which he did not like, forcing him to leave the party immediately.

“The leaders of the LPM know the reason why I left the party. They are aware why I am not happy about what happened,” noted Nawatiseb.

Ask if he plans on returning to Swapo, he said he never furnished that party with a resignation letter. 

“I don’t mind going back to Swapo.  It’s up to them to make any decision either to fire me, or discipline me. I am still waiting for them to decide or not,” he noted.

He added that he still has his Swapo membership cards.

2024-03-12  Festus Hamalwa

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