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Nursing student turns entrepreneur

2023-08-23  Max Heinrich

Nursing student turns entrepreneur

ONGWEDIVA - Final-year nursing student Elise Hamalwa has been financially independent since she started her “Order with me” business at the beginning of last year.

The 23-year-old says she had realised that when she eventually graduates from the Unam Oshakati Campus, one income as a nurse will not sustain her, thus decided to venture into the business of ordering electronics and other goods from abroad.

“Financial independence is allowing me to get myself whatever I want without bothering my family and friends [for money] or even getting myself into debt,” she said proudly.

Hamalwa told Youth Corner that she got closer to a few business-minded people for insight into how they do business and set off on her own business journey.

“Profit making is really high in this business; sometimes you can get 10 to 15 orders - small or big. Financial literacy is a success skill I have learned in this business; I now understand how to manage my finances,” she noted.

Despite the flourishing business, Hamalwa highlighted that there are several challenges along the way causing a few bumps on her road to success.

“Sometimes you order a few things and goods are prolonged [delayed]. Now you do not know if it is the shipping company or inconveniences in the logistics and this affects the trust and relationship between me and the customers. Customers tend to be impatient and request for refund and even label you as a scammer,” she noted.

Furthermore, goods ordered can be of low quality, and explaining to customers that it is not your fault but the suppliers’ really makes things hard for Hamalwa.

“Customers can demand a refund for getting low-quality goods and unfortunately at times, a refund is not available at that specific time. NamRA is against branded items and they tend to confiscate these items and mind you, these things were already paid for and now I am forced to refund customers and this is a huge loss on my business,” she explained. 

Hamalwa encouraged her fellow youths and entrepreneurs to take challenges as a greater motivation to get up and chase one’s ambitions on a daily basis.

2023-08-23  Max Heinrich

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