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Ongwediva Medipark hosts 11th cancer campaign

2023-10-26  Max Heinrich

Ongwediva Medipark hosts 11th cancer campaign

ONGWEDIVA – The Ongwediva Medipark hosted its 11th cancer walk campaign on breast, cervical and prostate cancer this past weekend. October is the month of breast cancer and people raise awareness worldwide. In the first campaign held in 2013, over 5 000 women and men were screened. 

Results show that 60% of the screened women were found with abdominal pains and over 70% had infections that needed treatment. Speaking at the campaign event, former first lady Penehupifo Pohamba highlighted the campaign has been a beacon of hope and health in the country’s northern regions.

“We have been walking in this path for a while now, and it is a path filled with compassion, dedication and relentless commitment to improving the health and well-being of our community,” said Pohamba.

She maintained that breast and cervical cancer affects women in Namibia with prostate cancer affecting men over the age of 45 years. “We decided to pioneer this campaign to address the vital health issues affecting men and women, and promote a healthy lifestyle, especially when cancer is claiming so many lives,” said Pohamba.

She highlighted they invested in a future where the community has access to quality healthcare free from cancer.

“We are taking a holistic approach to address the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of cancer care. We are not just a campaign, we are a movement of hope,” said Pohamba. Raising awareness under the theme, “Close the care gap: uniting voices and taking action”, Medipark gynaecologist Francois Siemefo maintained that Medipark takes the opportunity during breast cancer to raise further awareness for cervical and prostate cancer.

“Breast cancer is the second cause of death of women by cancer in Namibia after blood cancer. It affects all women although it is most common after the age of 50,” said Siemefo.

He maintained the symptoms of breast cancer include a lump in the breast or a change in the shape and breast size or nipple discharge, but not all women may go through these symptoms – and that is when screening comes in.

“We ask women above the age of 40 years to consult the gynaecologist at least once a year. Women above 55 years and older should consult the gynaecologist every second year,” said Siemefo. -

2023-10-26  Max Heinrich

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