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The inspiring journey of Ananias, the plumber

2023-11-01  Festus Hamalwa

The inspiring journey of Ananias, the plumber

ONGWEDIVA – As he continues to answer calls from villages near and far, fixing water facilities and improving lives, plumber Ananias Panduleni Gutten invites others to take up vocational careers.

He says vocational training is empowering and can turn dreams into tangible, impactful realities. 

Based in the heart of Omandongo village in the Oshikoto region, Ananias’ expertise lies in fixing pipes, toilet and bathroom connections and water tank installations, vital services that enhance the quality of life for the communities he serves.

“My success story is not just about personal achievement; it’s about transforming communities. My work has a direct impact on the lives of people, ensuring access to clean water and improved sanitation, especially in remote villages. My commitment to my craft and my community resonates deeply, making me a beacon of hope for Namibian youth,” he told Youth Corner. 

Ananias’s journey began in humble surroundings, raised by his grandmother with limited resources. 

Despite the challenges, he pursued his education at Onyuulaye Combined School, where he completed his primary education. 

His educational journey continued at Nehale Senior Secondary School, where he persevered until Grade 11. 

Gutten enrolled at the Oshakati Vocational Training Centre in 2021, focusing his passion and energy on plumbing, a field that captured his interest. 

Through hard work and dedication, he attained certification up to level 3, laying the foundation for his future success.

Armed with his newfound expertise, Ananias (23) took a bold step and in September 2022, established Gotten Plumber CC, a company dedicated to plumbing and water infrastructure installation, with a special emphasis on serving rural areas. 

He dreams of further expanding his company and advancing his knowledge in water engineering. 

His unwavering dedication to learning and growing exemplifies the spirit of resilience and ambition that characterises Namibia’s young generation.

Ananias passionately advocates for vocational training, describing it as a lifeline for young people facing challenges in traditional education systems. 

“My story illuminates the transformative power of vocational education, showcasing how it can unlock doors to opportunities and create positive change,” he said.

Ananias says he is not just a plumber; he is a symbol of hope, resilience and the boundless potential of Namibian youth.

“I’m a young fella running my small business. But, of course, depending on the size of the projects, I temporarily employ my friends to assist me. That, for me, is an achievement because apart from helping myself, I also assist others in gaining skills and earning an income,” he said proudly.


2023-11-01  Festus Hamalwa

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