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Totem Expo promotes cultural heritage: Mbumba

2023-12-08  Max Heinrich

Totem Expo promotes cultural heritage: Mbumba

ONGWEDIVA - After being dormant for two years, the Oshakati Totem Expo returned to the town, celebrating the crucial importance of cultural diversity as a stepping stone towards restoring cultural identity in society.

The ninth edition of the totem expo is currently taking place at the Oshakati Independence Stadium until 10 December under the befitting theme “Strengthening Ties through Culture”.

About 150 exhibitors set up stalls on the sports field.

Vice President Nangolo Mbumba said while officially opening the expo Wednesday that this is not merely a gathering, but a powerful catalyst for economic growth, community development, fostering innovation, and maintaining peace and stability in cultures.

The vice president further said people should know which totem they belong to as it gives them a sense of belonging in African communities.

“This expo is not only for entertainment purposes, but also to gain a deep knowledge regarding the totems to which they belong. Events where we celebrate diverse cultures are very crucial because we all ought to know which totem we belong to,” he noted.

“Cultural anchors ground us, and our totems are not relics of the past, but living expressions of who we are as a people,” said Mbumba.

He urged those in towns without any exposition or trade shows to emulate the examples of other towns that have come up with initiatives to cater for their local business people, and that it is through these initiatives that towns are seen thriving with various business enterprises.

Oshana governor Elia Irimari indicated that in pursuit of their lost norms and values, usually attached to the cultural identity of the people, the Oshakati Town Council has gone a mile further to choose totems (Omapata/Omazimo) as a stepping stone towards restoring cultural identity in society through the hosting of the expo.

“The Oshakati Totem Expo is conceptualised in a very unique manner, making it different from any other expo in our country, as it creates a platform to share their cultural heritages through totems, while at the same time giving the business community an opportunity to market their products and services,” he continued. At the same occasion, professor Petrus Benzi launched a totem booklet, which speaks about various cultural clans found in the country, as a form for Namibians to know their identity.


2023-12-08  Max Heinrich

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