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Zambezi officials to be tried in regional court

2023-12-14  Albertina Nakale

Zambezi officials to be tried in regional court

KATIMA MULILO - The corruption case in which six Zambezi Regional Council officials are accused of corruptly using their position or office to steal N$4.7 million will be transferred to the Katima Mulilo Regional Court for trial.

On Thursday, prosecutor Bronah Mukoya requested for the case to be postponed to 30 January 2024, for the accused to make their first appearance in the regional court, a request the court granted.

The group comprises Regina Ndopu-Lubinda, who has been serving as CRO since 2011; Beaven Walubita, who is head of planning and rural development; deputy director of planning Cletius Mubita; chief planner Daniel Mbala; deputy director of administration Abraham Shikoyeni; as well as chief accountant Nimrod Lichela.They are all out on a N$50 000 bail bond respectively and have resumed work.  They were represented by Slysken Mukando, Jermain Muchali, Chris Mayumbelo, Boris Isaaks, and Kalundu Kamwi.

At the time of their arrest in October, Anti-Corruption Commission director general Paulus Noa vowed to go after each official entrusted with public office but is using such powers for personal gain.

The officials’ court appearance on Thursday coincided with the commemoration of the International Anti-corruption Day where the Zambezi governor Lawrence Sampofu advised people to report any corruption allegations to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) instead of just talking randomly.

“Every Namibian has the right to write a letter to ACC without mentioning your name. But still, we say ‘they are corrupt. Report them. Down corruption down’,” said Sampofu.

Not being specific, the governor questioned why leaders who are accused and charged with corruption are still allowed to lead organisations, offices, and agencies. He denounced such a tendency, saying that it holds no accountability, integrity, and honesty for such organisations.

Furthermore, he stressed that rampant corruption hinders development. 

“Public resources are diverted to the pockets of corrupted individuals from needed investments in transport, energy, health, and education. Petty corruption, such as service providers asking for bribes or simply not reporting to work, should not be tolerated. Corruption especially harms the poor; they are the ones most in need of public goods, but they cannot obtain services just because they cannot pay a bribe,” Sampofu remarked.

He urged all to demonstrate exemplary leadership in their offices, ministries, and agencies. 

“As you go back to your institutions or into society with a new mindset, you are not going to indulge yourself in corrupt activities. Let us work together to prevent corruption and transform the public service and our nation,” he told the delegates.


2023-12-14  Albertina Nakale

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