Murder, robbery convicts seek early release

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Murder, robbery convicts seek early release

Five men currently serving lengthy jail terms are asking the High Court to consider releasing them after serving more than half of their sentences. 

Rachimo Haradoeb, Veikko Shalimba, Anton Venasi, David Tsamaseb and Simon Kankondi are suing Namibia’s prison authorities, the minister of safety and security and the chairperson of the National Release Board, in their bid to get a court order for their immediate release from prison.

In their court documents, the group argues they are eligible to be considered for placement on parole in terms of the Prison Act (Act 17 of 1998); they have qualified for parole after having served half of their sentences. 

They claim they cannot be disadvantaged by the Correctional Service Act no.9 of 2012 which came into force in January 2014. 

Should they succeed, they want the court to order their release within 90 days. 

Haradoeb is currently serving a 35-year imprisonment for murder and arson. 

He was convicted in 2006 for murdering his teacher girlfriend Regina Kastoor by pouring petrol over her and setting her aflame at Gibeon in November 1998. 

He has since served 17 years and a half.

His co-applicant, Shalimba is serving 36 years imprisonment for robbery with aggravating circumstances, which was committed in April 2001. 

He was sentenced in July 2002 and has since served 18 years. 

Venasi is serving a sentence of 39 years for murder and robbery with aggravating circumstances, which were committed in October 1999. 

He was found guilty of murdering smallholder Jan Bergh in October 1999.

He has served 19 years. 

Tsamaseb has been in prison for 17 years after having been sentenced to 39 years imprisonment.  

He was convicted of robbery with aggravating circumstances in 2001. 

Kankondi is serving 35 years imprisonment for a murder that was committed in 2000. 

He has since served 17 years. 

Their matter has been postponed for legal aid to 30 April, before Judge Shafimana Ueitele.