PM rails against inefficiency, corruption in public sector

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Prime Minister Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila responded this week to citizens who regard government goods and service delivery as inefficient and not of the desired quality, as well as concerns that certain services and products are not accessible across all regions.

“Given government’s involvement in the provision of goods and services, taxpayers and citizens expect us to operate according to the principles of effectiveness, efficiency and economics,” she said during last week’s Africa Public Service Day Celebration in Eenhana.

The PM said the country should persist with concerted efforts to enhance the public sector by raising the quality of service delivery, as well as modernising and reforming the public administration and management systems. She also called on young people to dedicate themselves to the noble cause of public service, as the country strives to create a dignified future for all.

She made the remarks before a large audience of civil servants drawn from ministries, agencies, regional councils and public enterprises, who were all obliged to attend and account for their role in women’s empowerment, innovation and the delivery of accessible services.

Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said Africa Public Service Day is celebrated to recognise the people who devote their lives to diligently serving the public, often under difficult conditions. “The other equally important consideration is the facilitation of positive interest in the public administration of this country among citizens from all walks of life,” she said.

In addition, there is a dire need to continuously evaluate the level and quality of service delivery and to assess the socio-economic and welfare impact of such services, the Prime Minister noted.

She also emphasised that there is a need for reform in the public sector to ensure that civil servants adhere to the principles of good governance through increased transparency, openness, accountability, citizen participation and the prevention of corrupt practices. The PM concluded by saying she is hopeful that the lessons of the day would be translated into formal and practical recommendations of improved service delivery, innovation and women’s empowerment in the public sector.

Next year Public Service Day will be celebrated in the Oshana Region.