Popya with Leonard Witbeen – C-Drive project to help students achieve C symbols 

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Popya with Leonard Witbeen – C-Drive project to help students achieve C symbols 

Media personality Leonard Witbeen has shifted focus from himself to help learners achieve better marks in school in order to succeed in life.

He is championing the C-Drive project, which aims to equip learners to get C symbols in all their subjects from grades 8 to 12 in the Khomas region. 

The C-Drive project originally started in 2018 under the name ‘School Standardisation Drive’.

Speaking to Youth Corner, Witbeen said they have introduced new measures for learners to meet the required symbols through regular tests.

“We will do so by writing tests frequently to eliminate exam fear and anxiety. Moreover, we will have weekly activities to keep learners, teachers and parents focused on the main goal, which is to succeed in life and contribute positively to the Namibian society at large,” he explained.

Six high schools in Katutura and Khomasdal have joined this project, meaning the C-Drive will have an impact on more than 6 000 learners directly.

“In order to get learners to C symbol level, we, as leaders, can’t let them do so on their own. Thus, I designed the ‘World Class Study Techniques Training’ for these participating schools.”

“In these audio-visual sessions, learners receive a tremendous amount of motivation and techniques training for two hours. We invited Jamey Janke (a legal practitioner) to create that beautiful atmosphere and motivate them. As an added value, I train them on ‘Excellence in Customer Care’ to prepare them for potential employment as they seek holiday jobs,” he shared.

Witbeen acquired these skills online through Alison University in the UK, focusing on project management, social media strategy, and transformational leadership and operations management. 

The former TV presenter believes that the project will not be a fly-by-night venture, stating it will have a lifespan, exceeding 10 years. 

“Thus, we aim to raise as much as possible so that we develop high-quality projects to attain high-quality results for participating schools for the next 10 years.”

He concluded by pleading with local businesses to get involved. 

“Let’s change our schools for the better. We can, and we will. Let’s impact one child, to impact their homes, so their homes impact society and society impacts our country.”

This month, the project will have weekly activities that will include:

– AS Level week to educate learners on what it is and how to get there.

– Quality Check Week, during which the entire school, ranging from learners, teachers, HoDs and principals focus on quality.

– B-level week, during which learners will be taught how to go from the C symbol to B symbol in all their subjects.

– slunyangwe@nepc.com.na