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500 unemployed women aspire to drive taxis

2020-01-29  Loide Jason

500 unemployed women aspire to drive taxis
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Loide Jason 

WINDHOEK – About 500 women across Windhoek who two weeks ago submitted their CVs to Monica Gender-Based Violence Solution Centre have shown interest to obtain driving licences to enable them to start driving taxis in order to uplift their lives.
Director and founder of Monica Gender-Based Violence Solution Centre Shaanika Nashilongo, who collected over 1700 CVs from women in Khomas region, said the issue of unemployment is a social problem that is hindering and obstructing the lives of women, particularly in Khomas.
Nashilongo informed New Era yesterday that the project to train the applicants will start at the beginning of next month and that for now they are busy sorting out the logistics.
He said all systems are in place with only a few outstanding issues and he insisted they are prepared to train the group on how easily it could get learners’ licences before they start with the practical training.
“We will help them with all the necessary arrangement until they acquire their licences, including the funding for the practical part. Then after they obtain their papers, we will make sure that they secure employment of that nature,” he stated.
“You should not be afraid to get into industries that are male dominated. If you can do the job, just do it and stop depending on someone who will end up abusing you,” emphasised Nashilongo.
Nashilongo urged women in Windhoek’s Hakahana residential area to submit their CVs at his office so that the centre helps them to get employed.
He promised to help them get jobs in various ministries and companies, regardless of their academic qualifications.
Nashilongo explained that so far, about four women have been employed already through this initiation and called upon many employers to approach his organisation in order to get well vetted qualified people.
Commenting on why the centre is particularly keen on helping women, Nashilongo said women are the most vulnerable members of society and are mostly affected by unemployment, which leads them to be dependent on their male partners, and makes them vulnerable to gender-based violence.
“Our main objective is to fight gender inequality and empower women by means of employment and prevent gender-based violence. Women find it hard to get jobs. That is why we are only dealing with them for now because they are the most affected by unemployment,” said Nashilongo.

2020-01-29  Loide Jason

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