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ACC investigates Kazapua’s alleged credit card abuse

2018-11-21  Loide Jason

ACC investigates Kazapua’s alleged credit card abuse

WINDHOEK - The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) says it is investigating claims that Windhoek mayor Muesee Kazapua has abused his official municipal credit card by buying meat, KFC meals and alcoholic beverages at a casino for personal use.

ACC Director-General Paulus Noa confirmed that his team is looking into the allegations.
“Somebody approached ACC making those allegations of misuse of the institution’s credit card, saying the mayor uses it for private things instead of using it for business,” he told New Era.

“Our task is to look into whether those allegations are true or not. But it’s our business now to look into the matter and confirm [the validity of the claims]. We are still in early stages of the investigations,” he said.

New Era has seen bank statements suggesting that Kazapua bought unidentified products worth over N$10 000 at RMT system (Pty) Ltd from Namibia on the 14 March this year.

He further bought meat at Readi Bites Meat Market worth a combined N$4 000 on three different occasions since last year December.

The mayor also spent over N$1 000 at a casino, banking statements show.

Kazapua has described the allegations of abusing his official credit card as a mere witch-hunt designed to weaken his prospects ahead of the upcoming mid-term mayoral elections.
He said that the credit card was issued to him for mayor entertainment, for which there are no strict conditions on how he should utilise it.

The mayor said he purchased meat for social programs such as elderly people and vulnerable groups in Windhoek. He did not identify the supposed recipients.
“That is just a witch-hunt,” he explained.

“You know we are approaching the election. If they say the abuse started last year, why are they only bringing it forth now? How the card is used is the prerogative of the mayor,” he said.
He said those spreading this information have ambitions to topple him as mayor and take over the position, describing their actions as ‘dirty politicking’.

He further questioned how the finance department within the City of Windhoek leaked his transactions without his authorisation.

Harold Akwenye, City’s Manager of Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Participation said he did not know anything about the matter.

According to him, the rules and procedures of the use of credit cards for personal purchases or expenses with the intention of reimbursing council is prohibited.
“No cash advances (ATM withdrawals, traveler’s checks, money orders, etc.) are allowed using the credit card,” reads the rules.

“The credit card is not to be used to pay invoices, online purchases or statements of any kind.”
The rule further states that in the event the cardholder is travelling abroad and intends to make use of council’s credit card, details of the trip (place and duration) should be forwarded to the finance department, which must inform the bank to prevent any fraudulent transactions abroad.


2018-11-21  Loide Jason

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