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America’s Davis calls out Nakathila…mega fight in the offing

2023-02-01  Otniel Hembapu

America’s Davis calls out Nakathila…mega fight in the offing

American boxing wunderkind Keyshawn Davis has called out Namibia’s highly-rated pugilist Jeremiah ‘Lowkey’ Nakathila for a fight, with the 23-year-old Davis saying he has been baying for Nakathila’s blood for some time now. 

In a recent chat with renowned boxing site, the Tokyo Olympics silver medallist said after last year’s resounding victories over Esteban Sanchez, Omar Tienda Bahena and Juan Carlos Burgos; he now wants to face someone who has the ability to stretch him to the limit, and he strongly believes that someone is Nakathila.  “Jeremiah Nakathila! That’s the fight that I want; that’s the guy I want to face. In his last fight, he beat the hell out of (Miguel) Berchelt. Tell Nakathila that I want to fight him. What’s up Nakathila?” said Davis as he provocatively dared the 33-year-old Namibian. 

It has become clear that Davis has no interest in taking the slow and meticulous route on his way up the pugilistic ladder. 

Instead, he has continued to point a daring finger in the face of the lightweight division’s elites.

Davis continues to insist he is about done with facing fighters who reside at the bottom of the barrel, hence the verbal jabs towards the experienced Namibian. 

Nakathila, as mentioned previously by Davis, made the decision to move away from the super featherweight division. In his first fight at 135 pounds, Nakathila was thrown into the deep end against Miguel Berchelt. 

Anxious to make his statement, Berchelt confidently stepped into the ring in March 2022 – but while he grinned from ear to ear, Nakathila ultimately wiped the smug look off his face.

After sending the former champion crashing down to the canvas in the third round, the Namibian fighter violently ended his night in the sixth. 

Having watched the wiry strong contender dissect Berchelt mercilessly, Davis concludes that the move up in weight has done his advisory some justice.

“I feel like he’s even more dangerous now because he moved up to 135 pounds. He’s most likely feeling way better at that weight – way stronger at that weight – way more confident at that weight.”

At this stage in his career, with only a handful of fights, Davis understands why the boxing public does not consider him a true contender at 135 pounds. In his eyes, however, Davis has grown sick and tired of being labelled a mere prospect and wants to prove a point against Nakathila.

So, with Nakathila becoming obtrusive on his championship quest, Davis believes that once he takes care of business against him, the questions surrounding his mettle will finally come to an end.

Meanwhile, Nakathila and his promoter Nestor Tobias have both taken notice of Davis’ constant banging of the war drums but have cautioned the American youngster not to get carried away, as fights are not only formed in newspapers but first around negotiation

“I believe he is just using our good name to promote himself, but he will never accept the fight if we approach them,” Tobias told New Era Sport yesterday as he calmly brushed off Davis’ persistent yapping. 

2023-02-01  Otniel Hembapu

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