• June 5th, 2020

Any business that brings services closer to the people is a good business – Kazapua

Paheja Siririka

WINDHOEK – According to Windhoek Mayor Muesee Kazapua, any business that understands the importance of bringing services to where people reside is a good business. 

Speaking at the recent opening of Sanlam Namibia’s brand-new branch in Katutura, Kazapua said: “The action by Sanlam to open an office is a demonstration of their commitment to putting their clients first.” 
His speech was read on his behalf by City of Windhoek Councillor Ananias Niizimba.

Kazapua said the greater community of Katutura is now saved the long and sometimes costly trip to the city centre for Sanlam services. “This shows the company’s dedication and commitment to reach the entire Namibia and to ensure no one is left out, and this is also the kind of investment we are looking for,” stated Kazapua.

The mayor also informed the media that in May this year, he made a call to businesses to start investing more in the less developed areas of Windhoek. “The people and communities in Katutura have been left out and as a result are often deprived of essential services,” he said. 

Kazapua added that it is disheartening to see businesses opening up all over the city but leaving out the less affluent neighbourhoods such as in Katutura. “It makes perfect sense why they chose Katutura as the bulk of the population in Windhoek lives here.” The mayor continued that Windhoek has great potential to contribute to the country’s economic growth and that can be realised if and when the community and it’s people are invested in. “Unemployment continues to be a problem for many Namibians and as the city fathers, we are tasked with the role of creating employment,” said Kazapua.

He said the city offers a conducive environment for companies to conduct business in and provides services to businesses to ensure the equal and sustainable development of the city.

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