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Appeal to deregister serial traffic offenders

2019-04-01  John Muyamba

Appeal to deregister serial traffic offenders
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RUNDU - To save lives on our Namibian roads, road users should adhere to road rules and regulations that if not adhered to could cost lives cautioned the Minister of Works and Transport John Mutorwa, who appealed to road users to be cautious on the roads.

Mutorwa who made the remarks during an encounter with New Era at a site visit in Rundu also encouraged that traffic officers and inspectors suspend the driving licences of those endangering lives on roads. “It’s a very serious matter, the number of fatal accidents that are taking place on our roads, I have got the following to say, the first one, you know a vehicle is driven by a human being, passengers are human beings so we shall continue to appeal to particularly the drivers to adhere to the rules of the road, to keep the speed limits and also to make sure when to overtake and not to overtake on a blind spot, because when you overtake on a blind spot you don’t see oncoming vehicles and accidents happen,” he said.

He said drivers’ licences of those who break the rules should be taken away until a certain time that they are properly rehabilitated and drivers who are not fit to drive should not drive.

“And the attitude on how we use the roads is very important, we must appeal to the drivers, all road users, all of us, pedestrians should adhere to the road guidelines and rules in order to be safe. Secondly, the activities on the roads are regulated by laws, rules and regulations and hence those that are entrusted with the responsibility to control the roads, traffic officers and inspectors and so on, must also speed up their work. If a driver is caught driving recklessly or maybe drunk, why should that driver be allowed to drive tomorrow?” he asked.

“His or her licence should be taken away for a certain period of time until that driver is properly rehabilitated because we are losing too many lives, it is not the nature of the vehicle that we should blame, we must appeal to the drivers, appeal to ourselves as human beings who make use of these roads,” said the Works and Transport Minister.

2019-04-01  John Muyamba

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