• August 18th, 2019
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AR activist Nauyoma likely to appear in court today

WINDHOEK - Khomas regional police crime investigation coordinator, Deputy Commissioner Abner Agas said Affirmative Repositioning (AR) activist Dimbulukeni Nauyoma who is facing three charges including obstructing an officer to execute his official duty is likely to appear in court today.  This will depend on the doctor who admitted him in hospital.

 Nauyoma was charged on Saturday while admitted at Windhoek Central Hospital for obstructing an officer to execute his official duty, illegal grabbing of land and instigating public violence following Friday’s event where he and the community rebuilt a shack of unemployed and destitute mother of two in Okuryangava after it was demolished in the morning. It is alleged the shack was demolished without a court order.

Agas explained to New Era that the doctor who admitted Nauyoma will determine whether he is fit to appear before court of not.

 “If he is (fit), he will (appear). If he is not, the doctor must provide a report to the police which we will take to the court and says because of the person’s condition, he is unable to appear and perhaps the court will postpone the case,” stated 

According to fellow AR activist Job Amupanda, the police inflicted harm on Nauyoma and refused him medical treatment for five hours. Nauyoma allegedly sustained injuries on his shoulder and ribs. AR resorted to High Court that ordered that the police at Wanaheda Police Station take him to Rhino Park Private Hospital. Nauyoma was then transferred to Windhoek Central Hospital, where he is under police guard.

Nauyoma was arrested for obstructing the police from illegally demolishing the shack of Wilhelmina Shipingana in Okuryangava on Friday. Shipingana told New Era that her shack was initially demolished around 08h00 in the morning after she refused to have sexual intercourse with the man who gave her a piece of land to build her shack during December. Shipingana said the community and Nauyoma rebuilt the shack on Friday while trying to get another place.   Her shack was again demolished after it was rebuilt.

City Police acting chief, Senior Superintendent Nathaniel Nendongo said they don’t demolish shack but it was the division of property management within the City of Windhoek. “We are only there when people are resisting like in this case, “Nendongo told New Era.

New Era approached City of Windhoek spokesperson Harold Akwenye and asked why Shipingana’s shack was demolished without a court order. Akwenye said he asked the City Police superintendent to give him a report to see what transpired before commenting on the matter.

In addition, Amupanda said they are going to apply for Nauyoma’s bail tomorrow. 
Asked why apply bail before the case is heard, Amupanda said Nauyoma was only charged on Saturday and don’t know when his first appearance will be and they are not going to wait until he appears in court. Amupanda further termed the whole thing a joke. “You can’t destroy someone’s house without a court order,” he said.

Amupanda further stated this is personal and they are being targeted and intimidated. “It is not even about the person who is obstructing the officer, the whole thing is just political. They are targeting us and intimidating us,” said Amupanda while adding they will take the matter personal.

Shipingana’s case
Shipingana became destitute after her aunt and her husband   divorced last year and the house they lived was sold. Her friends temporarily accommodated her. “I was accommodated here and there. I have two children and have nowhere to go.  The community put money together to buy the zinc sheet and poles,” she stated.  Shipingana said she spoke to a man who pretended to be a community leader and allowed her to build her shack. “He said I should come say thanks in bed and I refused. From there he brought City Police and took me to the community leaders,” she narrated.

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2019-01-21 09:25:55 6 months ago

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