• September 29th, 2020

Arts council gets N$5.5 million from Govt

The Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture has availed N$5, 5 million from its national budget for the initiative to be implemented through the National Arts Council of Namibia to ease the effects of Covid-19 as a temporary relief fund for the entertainment sector.
This fund would provide once-off support to individual artists, cultural practitioners, arts and culture organisations over three months. This was revealed to the media by the education minister, Anna Nghipondoka in the capital.
Nghipondoka said: “This is to encourage continued creativity, artistry and practice as well as to provide training to empower sectoral players in various relevant skills and knowledge such as in digitization and use of online platforms for practitioners to engage on topical issues regarding the sector.”

The Chairperson of the Council, Patrick Sam said the Fund will focus on providing grants to arts and culture practitioners and organisations, with a priority focus being given to those that fall in special needs categories such as those living with disabilities, vulnerable, living in marginalised communities, and from rural and/or indigenous communities. 

The Fund will encompass projects grants where culture practitioners and organisation will be encouraged to submit their proposals for consideration to receive funding support. “A total allocation of N$800 000 has been set aside with each applicant eligible for N$2 000 maximum. This grant aims to target at least 300-500 artists,” stated Sam.
Organisational support grants will be a platform created where special fund allocations will be provided to independent art and culture institutions to continue operating during this challenging time.

“This will only be upon receipt and approval of proposals aimed at continuing their activities or supporting new initiatives aimed at mitigating the impact of Covid-19 on practitioners in the arts and culture sector. 
A total of N$1,5 million has been earmarked for this grant, each art and/or culture organization or company is eligible for N$75 000 maximum and we will be able to target 20 to 40 Art and Culture Organisations, ” Sam publicised. 
Public Institutions and/or Public Interest Institutions are also being allowed to apply for grants where N$1 million is set to benefit at least seven institutions.

“National Art Gallery of Namibia (NAGN) which is mandated to promote and develop visual art and artists in the country will be getting N$150 000 with the same amount going to the National Theatre of Namibia (NTN), Museums Association of Namibia and NASCAM,” said Sam.
He said: “College of the Arts (COTA) as an institution that provides arts education in Windhoek will be getting N$50 000, Namibia Film Commission- N$250 000 and Organisation(s) supporting People Living with Disabilities in Namibia which supports PLWD in the arts, culture heritage sectors will be allocated an amount of N$100 000.” 
The NACN has a comprehensive undertaking as enshrined in its new strategic plan for 2019/2021 that defines the priority areas. The eight (8) priorities highlight ensuring compliance, resource mobilization, sector development, resource distribution, education, partnerships, NACN led activities and choosing to impact and inspire. 
– psiririka@nepc.com.na


Paheja Siririka
2020-06-12 11:32:05 | 3 months ago

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