• March 29th, 2020

Bank Windhoek, GWGB empower women in business

Martha Gabriel

WINDHOEK - Bank Windhoek, in partnership with Good Women Good Business (GWGB), hosted a jeans and sneakers event over the weekend in Windhoek.
The event was sponsored by Bank Windhoek and celebrated under the theme: ‘Thriving during Economic Downtimes’.
The occasion brought together women from all walks of life: those in business and those aspiring to venture into business. The occasion aimed at creating a platform for women to deliberate on overcoming challenges in business, life, and everything in between.
Bank Windhoek, in partnership with GWGB, is determined to train women entrepreneurs by enabling them to develop bankable ideas and equipping them with financial literacy throughout their entrepreneurial journey.
The Head of Brand Marketing at Bank Windhoek, Carmen-Rae Bridgens, expressed the Bank is proud to associate with GWGB as a platform that not only inspires, but empowers women in business.
‘’We recognise that women are the backbone of our society, and we will continue to support them in these and similar initiatives, which affords them an opportunity to network and grow,’’ Bridgens proclaimed.
GWGB is a platform geared at creating a safe environment for women to lean in, learn about life and encourage each other to keep going – no matter the circumstances.
Also speaking at the event, GWGB’s Executive Director Ujama Mushimba encouraged on creation of an environment that is safe for women to encourage one another, extracting value from networking and sharing ideas.
‘’We believe that when you enable purpose in an individual, you unlock the power within, which will influence and change society,” expressed Mushimba

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