• July 9th, 2020

Beauty empire the limit for Martha

WINDHOEK - One of the youngest nail technicians, Martha Kambala, who established the Kambala Beauty Care late, last year, says she wants to see her business growing into an empire by the end of this year.

With more clients interested in her nail business, she wants to expand Kambala Beauty Care by renting a new workplace in town, and to collaborate with other beauty artists such as make-up artists and hairdressers. Martha also wants to see Kambala Beauty Care giving affordable training and classes to young upcoming nail technicians and make-up artists. “My plans also include giving free entrepreneurial workshops to sharpen business minds,” she says. 

Kambala Beauty Care currently operates from home in Shandumbala, Katutura. “My journey to become a nail technician started early last year as I enrolled for classes, or rather training with Vitality Nails, one of the household names in the nail industry. But before that I always dreamt of becoming a nail technician and used to play around with the UV Lamp nail machine, doing the nails of friends, neighbours and family,” explains Martha. She adds that it was never easy in the beginning, especially sourcing funds for her training. “Not to mention the challenge of dividing times between home, and my training was a no-no for my elders. I kept pushing through and I completed my training and I was well equipped in nail technology,” says Martha, adding that she also got all the machines and materials she needed to start with her business. 
“But it was challenge after challenge, having set the first obstacles aside it was time to get customers. They came as slow as a snail.  The thought to quit even came to cross my mind, but I was brought up in a business minded surrounding so I kept pushing,” says Martha.

“Friends and family were my only customers at the time but through word of mouth by my clients about my magical hands, I then started getting gigs of occasions such as beauty pageants, school farewells and many other opportunities.” Martha adds that was the first time she realised that her customer’s base was increasing. “I worked with few models, and also one of the local personalities, Golden Shiimi, whom I am thankful to, to this date as she advertised me on her social media. Now I am receiving clients from all over.”

With Kambala Beauty Care, Martha dreams of becoming big, surely with hard work and focus, sky is the limit. “The future looks promising but time will tell” 

Martha (21) was born and raised in Okongo in the Ohangwena Region. She moved to Windhoek to attend high school at the Hochland High School, and later moved to David Bezuidenhout. “One thing led to another and I became a nail technician, now I’m focused more on my business.”

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