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‘Bishop’ goes on social media hiatus

2022-02-22  Maria Amakali

‘Bishop’ goes on social media hiatus

Independent Patriots for Change member and teacher Abednego ‘Bishop’ Hishoono has taken an indefinite break from social media after he was successfully sued by First Lady Monica Geingos. 

“This is now my time to rest and recuperate from the event that transpired. I am not reachable on any social media platform at the moment. 

We are maturing,” said Hishoono who is a frequent Facebook user. Earlier this month, High Court Judge Orben Sibeya found statements made by Hishoono in a widely circulated video were false and defamatory to Geingos and her family. 

The court ordered him to pay Geingos N$250 000 with 20% interest per annum for the damage he has caused to her reputation and dignity.  Hishoono was also ordered to retract his statements and apologise to the First Lady within five days from the date of judgement. 

He has since tendered his apology as ordered. Geingos filed a N$350 000 defamation lawsuit against Hishoono for producing and sharing a video in which he allegedly made “false suggestions, innuendos, insinuations [or] statements” about her. 

In the video, Hishoono alleges the First Lady corruptly influenced the planned liquidation of Air Namibia to protect and advance her own economic interests as she is a shareholder of Westair Aviation and was instrumental in its establishment. Hishoono further alleged in the video that Geingos has a son with one ‘Hatuikulipi’, who is currently in prison. 

He went on to say Geingos’ marriage to the head of State Hage Geingob was arranged by ‘Hatuikulipi’. On the funds being collected by members of the public to assist him to pay Geingos, Hishoono said he is very touched by the initiative. “This clearly shows me that members of the public are united with one aim. 

Therefore, this means if one member of the public is in need, the public would come to his/her aid. This shows that the spirit of Ubuntu is amongst us. 

The unity in the country matters more than anything else,” said Hishoono. Although he does not know how much has been collected so far, he is positive the targeted amount will be raised.  

IPC spokesperson for the northern regions, Eino Heelu said although it is a good initiative, it is not IPC’s initiative. 

“We want to make it categorically clear that we as a party are not part of the donations that are being done on behalf of the patriot Hishoono. We did not create the committee. 

The people that are donating, are volunteers who are either party members, members of other political parties, and members of the public,” noted Heelu. Although the party sympathises with Hishoono, Heelu said the initiative to collect funds towards his plight was started by a non-IPC member.

2022-02-22  Maria Amakali

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