• July 9th, 2020

Bishop Katenda ready to assist curb virus

Reverend Lukas Kaluwapa Katenda, the Bishop of the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Churches of Namibia (Reach-Na), who is a registered nurse, said he is ready to offer his services as a nurse if the coronavirus pandemic worsen.

Katenda who renewed his registration with Nursing Council of Namibia this month, graduated in 2002 in comprehensive nursing that consists of general, community and midwifery nursing as well as mental health nursing.

He told New Era in a telephonic interview that he worked as a nurse for four years at a State hospital before he went to pursue a Masters in Theology.
“I can still handle general; community and midwifery 
nursing, as much as I can handle spiritual care,” he narrated.

Katenda said he is on standby if the pandemic situation worsens because the president of the country declared the coronavirus an emergency.

“I know currently it is just a precautionary measure situation but we need to take those measures serious, in order to stop the virus from spreading and getting out of hand,” said Katenda.
“I am always fully prepared. But for now, I am urging our people to take self-quarantine very serious so that we protect ourselves as the president announced,” he said.

Health and social services minister Dr Kalumbi Shangula announced recently that the ministry would seek manpower to assist during this pandemic situation.

“Deployment of multi-disciplinary professionals like health professionals, logisticians and other professionals from the uniformed services (defence force, police and correctional services) to complement their counterparts at the Ministry of Health and Social Services and the National Health Emergency Management Committee and funds to be availed for training, equipment, andmaterials,” said Shangula.

Katenda was a registered nurse at Odimbo clinic in Ohangwena region before he left to the United States of America to study Theology.
He was elected bishop of his church, succeeding the late Peter Kalangula, the founder bishop of the Reach-Namibia. Katenda, a former pastor at Anglican Diocese of Namibia, has been a priest for more than 15 years. 

He was elected during the ordinary synod held recently at the parish of the church in Ondangwa. -ljason@nepc.com.na

Loide Jason
2020-03-19 07:32:36 | 3 months ago

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