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Cannabis accused awaits judgement

2019-06-04  Maria Amakali

Cannabis accused awaits judgement

WINDHOEK - Windhoek Regional Court is set to deliver judgment in the case of Makono Victus on trial for dealing in Cannabis worth more than N$200 000.

Victus, 54, is on trial on a charge of drug dealing, with an alternative charge of drug possession. The prosecution is alleging Victus on December 24, 2009 dealt in prohibited dependence producing drug, or plant from which a drug can be manufactured. The 54-year-old has denied any wrongdoing when he took a no guilty plea at the start of his trial.

Magistrate Elina Nandago is set to hand down judgment in the matter on June 13. The state is calling for a conviction in the matter on grounds there is strong evidence and that cases of drug dealing and possession are prevalent in society.  

The 54-year-old has however denied any wrongdoing when he took a no guilty plea at the start of his trial.
Victus was arrested after the police found three multi-coloured bags containing 76kg of Cannabis estimated to be worth N$228 000. 

The prosecution is alleging that he is guilty of drug dealing and drug possession for the drugs found in his family home on December 24, 2009.

During the ongoing trial, it was revealed that the police arrested Victus following a tip off from a reliable source that he had Cannabis in his possession. 

The investigating officer informed the court that a raid was carried out at Victus’ family home in Katutura. 
Following the raid, police discovered three multi-colored bags stuffed with Cannabis hidden under the bed in the main bedroom of the house. The accused, who was not present when the police carried out the raid at his home, was later called by his wife as per police instructions. Upon his arrival, he was informed of the contents found in his home which consequently resulted in his arrest. Victus denied all allegations leveled against him by the prosecution by tendering a no guilty plea when his trial started. In his defence, the drugs allegedly belonged to a certain Rambo even though found in his home.

2019-06-04  Maria Amakali

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