• May 25th, 2019
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Charisma, flair a must for an MC

 Clemans Miyanicwe

Beaulah Bernice Boois says that the master of ceremonies (MC) must be chic and charming to grab the attention of their audience. 

“As an MC, you are basically the main host of the day and guide your audience throughout the programme. I would also say that confidence is the key as speaking in front of large crowd demands charisma and a certain level of flair,” Boois emphasises. “Yes! With the correct attitude, passion and dedication Beulah believes it can be done. Once people recognise your skill and respect your work ethic, I believe many corporate companies and organisations will make use of your skill set as an MC,” says she about MC as a profession from which one can make a living. For those planning to take the path of an MC, the delightful Boois advises, “practice makes perfect and it is always good to know your audience.”

“Study your crowd, the setting and type of event you are going to MC for. It is also good to create cards to have some form of structure and order when directing a programme.”Her first gig as an MC was at the 2016 NBC’s year-end function at the Olympia Swimming Pool in Windhoek. She reveals that she did not think that she would became an MC but was rather groomed to be one as it formed part of her job and naturally, because she loves MCing. “I took on the assignment and found that I have the personality and the ability to preside over,” says Boois who describes herself as black, bright, beautiful and blessed. 

Since being an MC is a brand, one also needs to be confident. Choosing between an MC and a television presentation, Boois replies, “I would choose presenting as I am more at ease in front of a camera than I am in front of a crowd. When presenting, I know I am only in the presence of the production team, which calms my nerves and is a little more relaxing,” “emphasises Boois who is also a blogger, media consultant, social media practitioner, a voice-over artist, corporate communications officer and a master in media studies candidate.
A fun-loving person and a mother of a four-year-old daughter, she started as a presenter at the University of

Namibia (Unam) radio before NBC offered her a full time contract after her completing an internship with the national broadcaster. Boois also use to produce and host a television programme called, For your Info, and did dozens of voice-overs for various companies.

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