• June 3rd, 2020

Che Ulenga leads fight against GBV

WINDHOEK – 99FM DJ and master of ceremonies Che Ulenga has joined the growing chorus of public condemnation against the horrendous killing of Namibian women at the hands of their husbands or lovers.
She started a campaign called Ghost Protest against Sexual Violence which is aimed at encouraging members of the public to spray, paint or draw anti-violence slogans in red on everyday cardboard and place this on a street corner (against a tree or lamp pole) or in front of their homes. 

She said many people are affected by the wave of this particular form of violence and they have now responded by giving their support to her initiative.

Ulenga and Imagination Studios have created a video circulating on social media that depicts what action should be taken by the public to help in this regard. 

‘’Liking the video is not going to call out the perpetrator and make him or her known in order to bring them to justice and off our streets. It’s not going to shock policy makers and authorities into replying to the many suggestions and letters handed over at demonstrations. If we don’t bring to the front violent and sexual crimes in our homes, communities and country, then we might as well be part of the problem,’’ she informed New Era.

The daughter of prominent political activist Rosa Namises and Ben Ulenga feels Namibians from a human point of view have to understand wrong from right and should speak out against violence against other human beings.

As referenced in Mavis Braga’s column this week, Magdalena Stoffels was a Dawid Bezuidenhout High School learner who was raped and killed on her way to school.  She was found with her throat slit and to date, no arrest has been made.  Alina Kahehongo, aged 24, was gunned down by her lover. This after several death threats from him and after she had reported him to the Namibian police.  Cheryl Ujaha, aged 9, was found dead and dumped in bushes and no arrest has yet been made. 

The activist added that the whole of society should be moved by the increasing number of violent crimes.
Ulenga said they will continue making posters at a gathering on September 15. ‘’For anyone who has a story to tell and feels they would like to participate and make their voice heard,’’ she concluded.

Strauss Lunyangwe
2019-09-05 07:26:48 | 8 months ago

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