• September 19th, 2020

City debt drops by N$96 million

The City of Windhoek has managed to reduce its residents’ overall debt by N$96 million, mayor Francina Kahungu said yesterday. 
Kahungu said the debtors book has decreased from N$839 million in March this year, compared to N$935 million in December last year. 
Kahungu announced this yesterday when delivering the mayoral action report for January to June this year. 
She explained the increase in debt last year December was attributed to factors such as delays in sending out customer statements due to a change of a service provider as well as the festive season. 

She said the Office of the Mayor has been sensitising residents during public meetings to settle their outstanding utility bills. 
“This matter is under discussion with the revenue enhancement team and is due for council consideration. The cost reduction [programme] identifies cost reduction and minimises unnecessary wastage by introducing innovative strategies to save on operational costs,” she elaborated. 
The mayor further announced the implementation of a number of measures, including the introduction of logbooks and trip authority, in order to curb wastage of the municipal fleet. 

“The Office of the Mayor introduced no catering of food to be procured for meetings to cut on spending,” she added. She further explained that a revenue enhancement task team was established to serve for a period of six months.  “The mandate of the team is to unlock revenue streams in the city and provide recommendations on taking the city forward, which focuses on the turnaround strategy aimed at improving its financial stewardship and meeting international public sector accounting reporting standards.” 
Kahungu also said the city will focus on filling critical vacant positions. A moratorium was initially placed on the filling of vacancies after the city embarked on a project to categorise vacancies in terms of mission-critical positions. 
– ljason@nepc.com.na

Loide Jason
2020-08-05 08:58:33 | 1 months ago


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