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City Police Traffic Tips: Driving tips for a safe festive season

2023-12-07  Correspondent

City Police Traffic Tips: Driving tips for a safe festive season

Community Policing Officer


As we move towards the back-end of the year, many of us are preparing to shut the laptops and go for a breather away from the hustle and bustle of this beautiful city. Many will embark on different journeys, some very short and some very long, and it is important that all get to their destinations safe and in one piece. The Windhoek City Police service hereby reminds the public of very important tips to make your journeys incident-free.

Firstly, plan ahead. Always know your departure time and chosen route. Secondly, use roadworthy vehicles for your travels. Prioritise checking tyres for wear and tear; replace them if necessary. Check tyre pressure, examine engine fluids (oil, coolant, brake fluid, etc.), inspect lights and wipers, and ensure your vehicle is fueled up. An emergency kit is indispensable – essentials include a first aid kit, a roadside safety kit, a spare tyre, a jerry can and a flashlight.

Never underestimate the importance of rest. Get sufficient sleep before your journey, and take breaks to stretch your legs at intervals. If the drive is long and you’re not sharing it, consider staying overnight to continue the journey the next day. Don’t forget to pack your driving documents and the vehicle’s papers to avoid unnecessary delays during law-enforcement stops.

Give yourself ample time to reach your destination. Leave early, and avoid rushing. Adhere to speed limits, and steer clear of risky manoeuvers like overtaking on blind rises for your safety and that of others.

Eat light and always stay
hydrated, which would mean packing a cooler box with a lot of fluids so that you can hydrate from time to time. Do not compromise on entertainment, as long trips have a tendency of being boring. 

Therefore, make sure you make a nice playlist to listen to as you drive, and if you are travelling with children, ensure that they have enough entertainment as well because they too can get bored.

By following these simple steps before embarking on your journey, many accidents can be avoided. This blueprint ensures a safe return to your family after the festive season, and a smooth transition back to work. These suggestions are but the tip of the iceberg, as achieving these goals require collective action and can be done if all involved are tuned in. #DoTheRightThingAndSaveLives.

Contact the Windhoek City Police Service on 061 302 302 or 061 290 2239 for any emergencies and crime-related issues, or text the SMS Line on 4444.

2023-12-07  Correspondent

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