• September 21st, 2020

City residents warned about land scam

City of Windhoek mayor Fransina Kahungu is concerned over a fraudulent scheme that targets people with disabilities in Otjomuise, where a woman defrauded them purportedly in exchange for non-existent land title deeds.
Kahungu on Friday visited the area to warn the public about fraudulent land ownership deals. Her visit came after residents of 7de Laan in Otjomuise fell victim to an alleged fraudulent title deeds scam.

“I want to make it clear that this is a scam, stay away from it. If you fell for it, it is at your own risk,” she warned.
Kahungu said she was touched by the illicit activities committed against people that are already vulnerable. 
 People with disabilities who reside in 7de Laan, Beijing Street expressed frustrations over some individuals who took money from them under the pretext that they would apply for title deeds on their behalf.

 The City mayor said there are some leaders taking advantage of people who are desperate for land ownership.
 “The land was given to this group of people with disabilities. Indeed, the registration of an individual portion of land is not yet done. So, people are now using that opportunity to get money from others, under the pretext that they are going to register them to the ministry of land for them to get title deeds,” said Kahungu.

It is understood that the community leader Ritha Shipanga charged people N$70 each, for which the N$50 is for the form while the N$20 is for transport.
Shipanga said she is going to refund those who have been defrauded.
“I only receive the money from three people and I am willing to refund their money meant for the form but not for the transport since I have already used it up to go to the municipality office,” she explained to the media.

Shipanga used the opportunity to express her disappointment in the municipality leadership, saying that they are quick to respond to issues like these and noted they have been slow to distribute land to the people.
Helvi Nekongo, one of the victims thanked the mayor for availing her time to listen and address their plights.

 “We have been confused for some time now because of what transpired and that’s when we decided to take a step and reach out to the mayor. We called her early this morning to inform her about this issue and we are thankful she attended to us,” said Nekongo.
 The mayor said the community in that area forms part of those who will be given land this year.
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