• July 3rd, 2020

Comedy for charity

 Aletta Shikololo    

WINDHOEK – Namibian comedian, brand influencer, entrepreneur and the Gweri Vintage collection founder, Zuluboy, real name Pinehas Shikulo, hosted a comedy show for charity in the community.

The comedy show ‘The courage to stand’,  which was aimed to raise funds for groups and organisations dealing with gender based violence, rape, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) and youth empowerment, and education took place at the Warehouse theatre where local comedians such as Courage participated.

In an interview with Entertainment Now!, Zuluboy said since he is a member of the community, it is his responsibility to help his community with all its challenges to make it a comfortable place for everyone living in it.

“We now live in dangerous and scary times and this has really concerned me. I have witnessed and subconsciously or unknowingly been part of what is wrong in the community. I decided to stand up for my community and do something better,” explained Zuluboy, who said he has siblings that look up to him and he has to set a good example for them.

Zuluboy said the desire to a better community starts with the individual.  “We can complain every day but if there is no action then what’s the point? It makes no point,” he said, as he pointed out that he was inspired by his brother, who always encourages him to do better in life.

Zuluboy believes that with comedy, it will be easier to raise funds because people like comedy and as a brand influencer, he took advantage of that platform, for the benefit of his community.
He added that as comedy is a God-given talent, he had to use his talent to educate people and not to enrich himself. 

“With all these talents, I cannot only use it to make money for myself. That is not what I want for myself. I need something bigger than that. So why not educate the masses through this medium of entertainment. People even learn better when the learning environment is fun,” he said,  adding that he does not only want to be known as someone with humour but he wants his comedy to have a good impact on people.
He added that people should raise funds for organisations that are already trying their best to make changes and rebuild societies.

The comedy show, which was packed with comedy lovers, was attended by people above the age of 16.
“We are quick to spend money on alcohol, fashion, and other unnecessary things but we don’t help society. Let us do something good for ourselves and others. At times we don’t realise how bad this can be until it happens to one of our own and it will be too late. We need to tell each other the truth and be there for one another,” the positive minded Zuluboy stressed. 

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