• February 19th, 2020

Conservation film wins top prize at Drone Video Awards

 WINDHOEK-Zebras, cheetahs, hippos and more all starred in a film that took home the top prize in the second Annual AirVūz Drone Video Awards.

 Cinematographer Mike Bishop’s film, Kingdom of the Wild - Wildlife in Namibia Africa was winner of the Drone Video of the Year in the recent contest hosted by AirVūz, an online community and media-hosting site for drone pilots and aerial enthusiasts. The film highlights African wildlife filmed on a private game reserve dedicated to preserving endangered animals.
“It is a huge honour, and really just feels great to get recognised amongst my peers for doing something I am so passionate about,” said Bishop, who is based in Los Angeles. “I am constantly blown away by what these drone pilots are doing and really look up to and respect so many of the other pilots who were considered for this. It is great what AirVūz has done to bring this community together.”

The film came about when Bishop pitched the idea to animal conservation groups as well as drone manufacturer DJI. He ultimately connected with the Cheetah Conservation Fund, a group founded in Namibia in 1990 that is dedicated to saving cheetahs. Bishop also worked with the Erindi Private Game Reserve in Namibia for the film. “I wanted to make a wildlife film for a good cause, using drones to capture wildlife in new and exciting ways,” he said. “Luckily everyone was super supportive of this idea.”

The film won the “Drones for Good” category in the second Annual AirVūz Drone Video Awards. All category winners were eligible to win the Drone Video of the Year and the grand prize. Bishop, who is no stranger to having success in film festivals, was the big winner. He recently launched a new aerial filming company, Motion Craft Aerials, and says he plans to put his N$ 39 000 (U$3 000) winnings back into making another film that involves wildlife conservation.

Finalists in the Drone Video Awards were selected by the staff at AirVūz and sponsors from drone-related companies such as Horizon Hobby, Polar Pro, GetFPV, Rotor Riot, Tiny Whoop, The Drone Girl, DroneLife, Women and Drones, and Women Who Drone. Out of over 30 000 videos uploaded, finalists were selected based on the quality, level of difficulty and creativity of a drone video or photograph uploaded to AirVuz.com in 2018.

The winners were announced on AirVūz Live on Facebook on Feb. 18. Over about N$131 000 (10 000 USD was awarded to winners in 18 categories, an increase from 11 categories in the inaugural competition. Each category winner received about N$6550 ($500 USD), a plaque, and prizes. All videos uploaded to AirVuz.com between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018 was eligible to be chosen as finalists. The contest was open to anyone in the world who uploaded an originally shot drone video or photo to AirVuz.com.

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